Tarantino announces secret major project with 8 (!) Episodes

Tarantino announces secret major project with 8 Episodes

We’re currently waiting in vain for a new film by Quentin Tarantino. However, the master director is by no means idle. On the contrary: he is currently on a promotional tour for his new book Cinema Speculationin which he writes about the most formative films of American cinema of the 1970s.

Quentin Tarantino teases eight-part series project for 2023

At an event in New York he spoke about the book, his career and future projects. As Variety reports, a secret series was also discussed that Tarantino wants to implement as early as 2023. A total of eight episodes should include this series. However, he did not reveal what this is about.

Tarantino is the series format is no stranger. As early as 1995, he directed an episode of the extremely popular hospital series Emergency Room, not to mention the crime double episode CSI: Dead Silence, which ten years later flickered across home screens.

You can watch the trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood here:

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood – Final Trailer (German) HD

In February, he was also featured in FX’s Justified revival Justified: City Primeval connected. It was rumored at the time that Tarantino might direct several episodes with Timothy Olyphant, with whom he recently worked on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

It is unclear whether this is the eight-part series that Tarantino spoke of at the event in New York. In terms of the number of episodes, it would definitely fit: Justified: City Primeval also consists of eight episodes. However, these are already being filmed and Michael Dinner has been confirmed as the director of the pilot episode. So it stands to reason that Tarantino is hinting at a completely different project.

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