SwiftKey era with Bing chatbot integrated on Samsung phones

SwiftKey era with Bing chatbot integrated on Samsung phones

Samsung on phones Bing chat bot integrated SwiftKey period has begun. A step that pleases users in this regard expelled.

Microsoft AI powered by OpenAI new Bing chatbot, Shortly before SwiftKey was integrated into the keyboard. Android and at the same time iOS In the infrastructure made available after the update for It is possible to access any desired application via the SwiftKey keyboard.. For the feature that will be fully available to everyone soon, give SwiftKey a “bingadding ‘ button MicrosoftIn this way, he aimed to make the keyboard very usable. Specifically, today Samsung Galaxy An announcement was made to please its users and the infrastructure was integrated into the OneUI interface on Galaxy devices. It has been announced that it will also be brought to SwiftKey. According to the statement, the chat bot “” It will be integrated into the keyboard with its version, but it will take some time to open it to everyone. The process, the use of which will of course depend on the wishes of the users, can give a real explosion to the use of SwiftKey on Galaxy devices. Bing chat bot with Turkish language support, ChatGPT same language model as (GPT-4) and can help users in almost every subject.


New bing last month before It made a sound with the DALL-E integration developed by OpenAI.. Now people can visualize their texts/sentences from the chatbot. can want. In use separately for a long time DALL-E, it detects what you write and visualizes it in the best possible way by passing it through a special model. to this infrastructure “Bing Image Creator” naming Microsoftcontinues to take incredibly big and fast steps on the side of artificial intelligence.