Suicide prevention day – five people a week take their own lives in Västra Götaland

September 10 is the annual suicide prevention day. Suicide Zero is one of the organizations that works to reduce suicides, and on a day like this, the organization has set up a stand in Nordstan in Gothenburg to draw attention to the subject. Marcus Eriksson, regional manager for Suicide Zero in Västra Götaland, talks about the various conversations he has had during the day.

– People come here and talk about whether they themselves have lost a relative, or have questions about how we work to reduce suicides.

“Everyone can make a difference”

Marcus Eriksson places great importance on the fact that the responsibility for reducing suicides should not primarily lie with the municipality or healthcare, but that it is a matter for all fellow human beings.

– Everyone can make a difference to the people around us. Talk to the colleague you don’t usually talk to, ask a friend how they really feel, it can save lives.

In the clip, you get tips on how you can notice if a relative is suicidal, and how you can act then.