Sud, the Government’s plan to attract digital workers to Italy

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(Finance) – “This year the rules of European industrial policy are being rewritten: European industrial policy must be changed not only on light or heavy vehicles, but also up all files that they have been examine yourself always with an ideological vision of respect for the environment”. The Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy said soAdolfo Urso, at the Feuromed underway in Naples.

“Let’s not question the objectives, but with what timing and methods are they achieved?” Urso asked. “We have to do it this year: this year the challenge with China will be won or lost. The US has fielded 2 trillion dollars in just a few months, an industrial policy like never before after achieving autonomy Europe – underlined Urso – if it remains inert, it will remain crushed between the USA and China”. According to the minister, who reiterated that he is “alongside” the United States, the challenge to “win” with China is also “civilization”, a game that is played “in Africa: for the supply of critical raw materials and for the industrial and social development” of a continent on the rise.

Urso also announced that the government is working on a legislative provision to encourage those around the world who work in the digital economy to come and live in Italy, in particular in the South. Speaking of the legislative construction site to outline the new Italian industrial policy for the next 12 months, Urso explained that “a provision will concern the South to grasp the news of the global and digital economy and will encourage digital workers to reside in our country. It will be called: ‘Work in the world and live in Italy.’ Today it is possible to do it for an ever increasing number of companies and professional sectors” and “we will make a specific provision”, commented Urso.

On dependence on Russian gas: “In 2021 it was 14%, by the end of the year we will cut all dependence on Russian gas”. Europe will be supplied more and more from the South, the supply lines that arrive in Italy and from Italy lead to central Europe are becoming central”. A path that can make Italy, he concluded, “the gas hub”.

Finally, a passage on tax reform. “The day before yesterday, the approval of the enabling bill for tax reform was important, following by a few weeks the enabling bill for the reform of incentives. They are like two tracks of an industrial policy which obviously must also make use of a fiscal policy for industry.These two reforms, which will pass through Parliament and then be implemented with the various implementing decrees, will proceed together because they will outline the new fiscal and industrial policy of our country which will be a stimulus and support for productive enterprises”.