Stina Nilsson’s honest confession after the difficult nightmare season – now admits great worries

Stina Nilsson had a very difficult season behind her.
But the other day came the good news.
And now the 29-year-old opens up about the big concern.

The third season as a biathlete was not fun at all Stina Nilsson which had major problems during the winter. The 29-year-old got many chances at the World Cup but failed to live up to expectations and had to struggle with both skating and shooting.

Stina’s tough years

After several weeks of weak results, the national team management chose to first poke Nilsson from the World Cup and shortly later she also had to stay home from this year’s Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof. Instead, it was the biathlon European Championship for the Swede and she responded with an European Championship bronze in the mixed relay and an individual fourth place.

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230303 Stina Nilsson of Sweden and Anna Magnusson of Sweden during zeroing ahead of women’s 7.5 km sprint during the IBU World Cup on March 3, 2023 in Nove Mesto na Morave. Photo: Joel Marklund / BILDBYRÅN / code JM / JM0431

Therefore, it was a very relieved Stina Nilsson who recently received the good news that she has received a place in the A national team squad for the coming season.
– I think it’s very fun to get the chance again and get the opportunity to get the support again that it means when you are in the national team. And I’m also motivated to screw things up a bit and see where it can lead me, she says in an interview with SportExpressen.

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Nilsson’s concern

But Stina also reveals that there was a palpable concern before the national team squad would be presented.
– I don’t think it was a foregone conclusion that I would have a place after the season I’ve had. I still think that the national team management made an evaluation from, above all, the EC, which was a good part for me and what potential I have. So I’m very happy that I get the chance, but I didn’t take it for granted, she admits in the interview.

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IDRE 20221027 Stina Nilsson photographed during the national biathlon team’s media day Idre Fjäll. Photo: Anders Wiklund / TT code 10040

Instead it was Johanna Skottheim who were poked and moved down to the development team while the talents Sarah Andersson and Tilda Johansson was moved up. At the same time, the national team has continued faith in Nilsson’s potential.
– We must have a long-term plan, who can we see standing on the starting line in the 2026 Olympics and we still believe in Stina that she has a high quality. Last year did not go as we had hoped and there are many things we have to develop, at the same time we are all equally determined to work our way back to the biathlon elite, says the national team coach John Luke.

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Stina Nilsson agrees with her coach and is determined that next season will be so much better. Above all, she wants to improve her shooting in order to further reach the world elite.
– I look forward to learning more about the weapon this summer. Dare to screw up more details there than I have done before. It’s more about me getting to know the log’s functions, so I can decide for myself when I come to a new embankment what I should be able to do with the scaffolding to make it feel good, she tells the evening newspaper.

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