Spelled: 9 things to know about this cereal with multiple benefits

Spelled 9 things to know about this cereal with multiple

Spelled is a cereal that we should eat more often. It has indeed many nutritional qualities and health benefits.

Is spelled a grain of the past for you? Above all, it could be a cereal of the future! “Spelled constitutes a very good basis for perfectly meeting all the body’s needs on a daily basis while preventing the famous diseases of the century (obesity, diabetes, excess fat in the blood, cardiovascular diseases … .) “, informs Dr Guy Avril, retired general practitioner, graduate in phytotherapy, naturopathy and Chinese medicine, and author with Olivier Degorce and Amandine Geers of Spelled, source of vitality, Detoxifying cures and gourmet recipes (Living Earth Editions, 2021). “Its digestibility and its high nutritional qualities should impose it in our diet”, he insists.

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“The three spelled species benefit from a very complete composition, largely contributing to cover all the needs of the organism and providing a certain number of precious nutrients which the modern diet is often deficient (omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, etc. “, describes the doctor. Spelled indeed provides all the nutrients necessary for the health of the organism: it is rich in fibers, vitamins, mineral salts, essential amino acids.

It is thanks to its composition that spelled has multiple health benefits: among other things, it facilitates digestion, it improves blood circulation, it helps to normalize the level of glucose in the blood. Its multiple shapes allow you to prepare spelled like rice, to make cakes, pancakes, soups.

This cereal is found in many forms. You can find great spelled pasta, flakes, and flour that can substitute for wheat flour in any of your recipes. Small spelled is sold in the form of pasta, small flakes, flour and shelled grain. “The latter is a bit long to cook but very tasty, we cook it in risotto or in salad. The flour is heavier than wheat flour, if you make bread or a cake expect the result. or more dense. You can use it successfully to make a pancake batter. The flakes must be well cooked to be eaten in porridge or vegetable pancakes “, recommends Valérie Cupillard, author of “Recipe cards by Valérie Cupillard “, published by La Plage.

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