Some future plans for the Google search engine have emerged

Some future plans for the Google search engine have emerged

Google Some future plans for the search engine have emerged. New generation-specific updates are on the table exists.

According to some documents seen by The Wall Street Journal, Google has made the search engine more “visual, informative, personal and humaneHe’s making plans to make it happen. The internet giant, which wants to shape the new era in line with the expectations and usage habits of the new generation, will add more short videos to the search results in the near future, and will also focus on the results from the forums, according to the report. In other words, Google, which will highlight the real experiences of real people rather than content specially prepared for SEO in the coming period, is also making big plans to add Bard to the search. For those who don’t know directly ChatGPT whose rival is a chatbot Google Bar, last month USA And England was made available for testing purposes. The system, which can be accessed through a waiting list, is directly Here It is located on a special page for itself, but this will not always be the case.


In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Google CEO Sundar PichaiPeople will be able to ask questions to Google and LLMs in the search section [Büyük dil modelleri] Will you be able to interact with it?” to the question “Definitely” had answered. Bard is also based on LLMs, and in this respect, Google Search is more than just post-search results. It will become a place where you can chat with each other. A clear date is still not given on this subject, but the release is not expected to be delayed too much according to new information. Because Microsoft’s own search engine bing, It already offers this infrastructure via the Bing chatbot based on ChatGPT. In this way, the number of users of Bing sees a huge increase, people are now looking for what they are looking for. Prefers to write to ChatGPT or Bing chatbot instead of typing to Google. That’s why the internet giant, which has declared an emergency inside, has its own chatbot. bard It looks ambitious, but is now lagging behind its competitors.