soaring prices disrupt the lives of PK5 residents

soaring prices disrupt the lives of PK5 residents

In the Central African Republic, residents of PK5, a working-class neighborhood in the third arrondissement of Bangui, are spending the month of Ramadan in a context of rising food prices. During this period when Muslims abstain from all forms of food and drink during the day, it is difficult for some families to break the fast safely at sunset due to soaring prices.

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Report at PK5 of Rolf-Steve Domia-leu

At the PK5 market, the prices of meat, chicken, vegetables and fruits have increased by 20%. To the great dismay of households, who are struggling to obtain supplies. Amadou Roufaï is a local resident: “ Today, traders are waiting for Ramadan to increase certain foodstuffs food such as rice, oil, cans of sardines and others… But I ask them for forgiveness, that they are Muslims, that they are reasonable. This is a time when, in reality, we must ask God for forgiveness. You can have access to certain divine blessings. »

We no longer have enough to eat »

Over the last three weeks, a bag of sugar has gone from 41,000 to 43,000 CFA francs, a 22,000 can of oil is currently selling for 24,000 CFA francs and a bag of rice has gone from 30,000 to 34,000 CFA francs. . Marguerite can no longer make ends meet: “ We suffer doing the calculations when we come to the market. The cost of living was already expensive and food was in short supply. This Lent has given a boost to this trend. We no longer have enough to eat. Traders raise prices as they please and it is difficult to live in these conditions. »

There Central African Republic is a country that relies heavily on imports. Some traders justify this price increase by road harassment and insecurity on the Bangui-Cameroon corridor, the country’s main supply route.

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