Smoked tofu risotto with pumpkin

Smoked tofu risotto with pumpkin

the pumpkin is a variety of pumpkin that is harvested between September and November. The flavor of this squash is soft and reminiscent of that of the chestnut. This vegetable is extremely rich in vitamin A and beta-carotenes. It contains twice as much as the carrot. And it also brings others vitamins – B and C in particular – and many minerals and trace elementsas the potassium, the phosphorus, the calcium, the magnesium where the iron. It is also known to be surprisingly low in calories.

All this makes the pumpkin a good ally against seasonal infections, in particular. But also against the troubles of the digestion, stomach acidity or fermentation intestinal, for example. It also helps fight against aging of the skin and preserves eyesight. It could also protect us from cardiovascular illnesses and against certain types of Cancer (lung, cervix, etc.)

But by the way, do you know why the pumpkin was once called in France sweet Hokkaido pumpkin? Simply in reference to the Japanese who brought it to our country … only in 1957!