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Known as ‘slow horses’ are the spies of the British secret service with a glorious past who, due to age or having made an unforgivable mistake, are no longer worth the elite and are pushed out of the way, buried in tedious bureaucratic tasks in order to keep them busy. That’s how it counts Mick Herron in his bestselling spy novel, slow horsesnow converted to series.

We could say that this has been the League of slow horses. Few believed in them. They were considered amortized, that unpleasant term that has become so fashionable lately to talk about soccer players. A Ancelotti he was considered an endearing Italian grandfather, already back from everything. Someone who had been passed over by football and who came from a suspect Everton. He did not consider himself too serious either that his son Davide could be the second coach. From Casemiro it was said to be horrible, heavy, with no natural substitute. Kroos He started injured and withdrawn from his national team: unequivocal signs of the beginning of the end of the journey. Not even the most ardent defender of Benzema could have imagined that the highest scoring season in nine (which many believed ten) was going to be this, the thirteenth. And of modric, in short, it was not expected that it could be eternal because of a matter of continuing to believe that we still live in a world that is governed by certain natural laws. They were the slow horses, the ones that were going to sink, the ones that weren’t good enough to cross the river.

Added to this list of veterans was a young Brazilian thoroughbred, Vincius Junior, fiery and indomitable, stepping strong from day 1, inaccessible to discouragement, with armored morale and a smile of certain equine reminiscences. And also a Uruguayan percherón: tenacious, willful, with a long stride, loyal and willing to break his back with the saddlebags of the rest of the expedition. And with them, with a giraffe under the sticks and with a handful of good players (special mention to the pair PraiseMilitaryfacing the difficult ballot to replace bouquets Y Varana), the Madrid He was able to dominate the competition away from home and overcome small potholes without drama, two virtues that experience gives you precisely.

All in all, the best thing, the most madridista aspect of this League, has been being able to go to bed knowing that another great battle awaits tomorrow in Europe. Wake up wanting more. I don’t know what the hell white DNA is. Neither does the lordship. I am only clear that at Real Madrid, as in the films of another well-known spy, nothing is ever enough and tomorrow never dies.