Single check, INPS: ready to recognize increases

Single check applications for over 9 million children in the

(Finance) – The 2023 budget law makes significant changes to the amounts due to families benefiting from the Single and Universal Allowance with children under one year of age and for large families, with three or more dependent children, with the presence of at least one child aged between one and three years. This is what we read in a note released by INPS which explains that, in particularand, for 2023 it is established: the increase of 50% dthe flat-rate increase, for families with at least 4 children, which rises to 150 euros per month per family; a 50% increase in the allowance for large families, with three or more dependent children, limited to children aged between one and three years for which the amount due for each child increases by 50%, for ISEE levels up to 40,000 euros; a 50% increase in the check, to be applied to the amounts due according to the reference ISEE bands, for families with children under the age of 1.

The maneuver – we read again – also intervenes in favor of the households with disabled children, arranging the payment of the increases that had been recognized during 2022.

“INPS is already ready to recognize the increases and the revaluation of checks” he announced Vincent Caridi – Director General of INPS. The final amounts will be communicated in a subsequent INPS circular, also to take into account the revaluation linked to the increase in the cost of living, a revaluation which will be announced by ministerial decree by mid-January.
The due increases, revalued in accordance with the lawwill consequently be disbursed starting from the month of February 2023, without prejudice to the right to any adjustments due starting from January 2023.