Shocking event! Fish shop with credit card

Shocking event Fish shop with credit card

The general opinion among the public about fish is that their memory is not very good and is short-lived. There’s even a phrase like “being a fishy memory”. However, contrary to this general belief, fish may be more intelligent than it seems. For example, they can even play games. Just like in the system set up by a Japanese YouTuber. However, when the game crashed in his system, the fish clicked in the wrong places and signed a very interesting event.


According to TRT Haber; YouTuber Mutekimaru Channel has developed a system where fish can give commands to games while swimming, with a program he developed using the motion capture feature.

These moments were published as the fish spent 20 thousand hours in Pokémon games that can be played on Nintendo platforms such as Crystal, LeafGreen and Sapphire with this system.

However, on January 15, an interesting event took place. A malfunction occurred while the fish swarm was playing the game Pokémon Violet. The game was closed due to the error, but the animals kept moving and pressing the keys.

Fish thus changed his username, entered Nintendo’s shop, and reflected Mutekimaru’s credit card information on the screen. Meanwhile, 500 yen (about 75 TL) was added from Mutekimaru’s credit card to his Nintendo wallet. Fish also paid profile icons that were sold for money. They then turned off the console.


Mutekimaru wants his money back. Because Mutekimaru noted that he contacted Nintendo and requested the return of “products purchased as a result of the fish’s fault”.