She did this exercise every day for a month to lose fat and this is the result

She did this exercise every day for a month to

For a month, she only did this exercise and nothing else. However, this coach has obtained more than convincing results.

Fitness coach Anna Quinlan, who has also run several marathons and triathlons, tried doing just one exercise for a month to see if it was enough to lose fat and maintain her fitness. She chose “burpees”, a funny name for a dynamic fitness exercise, which works the whole body but also the cardio, without requiring any equipment and which is easy to perform. She did 50 burpees a day, which takes just 10 minutes.

Burpees are versatile, full-body movements that work multiple muscle groups and provide an intense heart workout. To perform burpees, start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower into a squat position (legs and hips bent to 90 degrees as if in a squat, buttocks off the ground, back straight), place your hands on the floor in front of you, then send your feet backwards to find yourself in a squat position. plank position. Perform a push-up by lowering your chest toward the floor, and come back up into a plank position. Bring your feet toward your hands to return to a squat position, then jump vertically, raising your arms above your head. Repeat these movements smoothly to maximize the benefits of the exercise.

To achieve her 50 burpees per day, Anna Quinlan divided them into 5 sets of 10 burpees, with breaks between each set, to catch her breath and rest her muscles. During the first week, she had painful body aches and difficulty motivating herself. But by persevering, after just 10 days, she began to see real progress and feel easier during the exercise.

From the third week, the fitness coach managed to do 50 burpees without taking a break. She noticed a marked improvement in her endurance and strength, making it easier to perform the exercises. Her arms became toned and slightly defined, like her legs, and she lost some of her cellulite. It is therefore an effective exercise for the whole body and cardio, but also for refining your figure.

The functional aspect of burpees makes them a useful exercise for strengthening coordination, mobility and agility. They improve muscle strength, targeting muscles in almost every part of the body, from arms to legs to core. Additionally, burpees are an effective cardio exercise, increasing heart rate and promoting calorie burning. It is important to start slowly, adapting the intensity to your fitness level and eating well before and after exercise, without neglecting hydration.