SEGA and Tencent won’t be going to LA either, other publishers

SEGA and Tencent wont be going to LA either other

It was to represent its rebirth and renewal, but the 2023 edition of E3 seems to be slowly but surely turning into a swan song and a real nightmare for its organizers. A few days after learning that Ubisoft would not be going to the Convention Center, now SEGA and Tencent are making it known that they will not be present at what was once the high mass of video games either. It was through IGN that the information fell, the American media having contacted the publishers to get their feedback on their presence at E3. “After careful consideration, we have decided not to participate in E3 2023 as an exhibitor. We look forward to sharing more information on announced and unannounced projects in the future.” The site goes further by indicating that other publishers have planned to cancel their visit to Los Angeles, but that for the moment, the communication has not been made. Suffice to say that at this stage, the show seems compromised and that the cancellation seems to be a matter of time. There will then remain beautiful memories of a show that once made the progession and the players of the whole world dream.

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