School, double recruitment channel: we move on to the ordinary legislative route

School double recruitment channel we move on to the ordinary

(Finance) – “After the withdrawal of the amendment to the Advances Law Decree where the entire parliamentary spectrum had presented amendments to resolve the problem of precarious employment, in the new year, the examination of the proposed law will begin at the VII Commission of the Senate ( Senate Act no. 545, XIX Legislature) signed by Senator Bucalo, containing ‘Provisions regarding the training and recruitment of teachers. “We hope for an accelerated process on the proposal – underlines Anief in a note – given the common political will expressed by the Ministry, the Trade Union and Parliament”.

“The proposal – continues the union – takes up what Anief had already asked the legislator, namely lextension of the so-called double recruitment channel mechanism to exhausted Gae of teachers (50% competitions and 50% Gae) to the first band of GPS on common and support positions and to the second band for secondary schools in order to avoid and prevent the abuse of fixed-term contracts and respond to the pending infringement procedure ( 4231/2014)”.

(Photo: Alexas_Fotos /Pixabay)