Samsung, Visa and Pazarama introduced the S Wallet project

Samsung, Visa And Marketingoffering contactless payment with smart phone and smart watch Wallet introduced his project.

About this very important partnership, Samsung was quoted as saying: “Samsung, specially developed for Samsung users in Turkey. With the new mobile wallet application S Wallet, users will be able to easily make contactless payments both at home and abroad with Visa’s safe and fast payment infrastructure via smart watches and smartphones. Users will be able to load money onto their prepaid cards produced under the license of Moka, a payment and e-money institution affiliated with Türkiye İş Bankası, and make their spending online and physically. The S Wallet project will offer users an advantageous world beyond being just a digital wallet. Within the scope of the project, Visa-enabled S Wallet card holders, They will be able to benefit from Maximum campaigns that Türkiye İş Bankası will offer specifically for them. Maximum feature cards will offer you the opportunity to make advantageous shopping by directly accessing the online shopping platform Pazarama from within the application. Bringing together the most important brands of the world of finance, payment, online shopping and technology. With S Wallet, users will be able to send money among themselves, transfer money to their wallets from any bank account or card, and top up money from İş Bankası ATMs free of charge. In addition, users can make contactless payments with their Samsung phones and Samsung smart watches with the application, and they will also be able to easily shop online from Pazarama without entering card information.”


Expressing his views on the subject Murat Azdemir, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Samsung Turkey Mobile Business Unit, “As Samsung, we are the first mobile phone brand in Turkey to implement its own payment solution. With S Wallet, our users will be able to make their payments quickly, easily and securely while enjoying the convenience of wallet-free shopping. Our users will be able to make payments not only without a wallet, but also with a smart watch without having their phones with them. With S Wallet, we offer many special advantages to Samsung users in Turkey and provide significant convenience to their lives. With S Wallet, users can take part in both the campaigns offered specifically for them by İşbank and Visa campaigns. We will also offer advantages to users when purchasing Samsung products with our special campaigns, brand collaborations, game campaigns and Galaxy Deals integration. The most important thing that differentiates S Wallet from other mobile wallet applications is its contactless payment privileges and the in-app marketplace ecosystem we have created with our business partners. In addition to paying by touching the smartphone, we are also offering payment methods such as paying with a smart watch to our users for the first time. Samsung users can thus perform all payment transactions via a single device. In addition, our users can make their payments safely for online shopping thanks to the renewed dynamic code. We aim to reach more than 1 million active users with S Wallet within 3 years. We are giving away a total of 1 Million TL to Samsung S Wallet users as a special launch special. “We are giving 50 TL as a gift to our users who spend 100 TL or more on S Wallet for the first time.” he said.

Visa Turkey General Manager Samile Mümin emphasized that Visa’s aim is to offer the best way to pay and accept cards everywhere and for everyone.regarding the issue, “S Wallet, which we introduced today, offers us one of the most optimal examples where wearable technologies meet safe and fast payment features. With wearable technologies such as smart watches, it becomes possible to easily make contactless payments, not only in Turkey but all over the world, without even having to take out your wallet, card or phone. This is also another example of our principle of keeping payments secure with Visa’s global scale and technological network protected by the most advanced security products and services. S Wallet, which we see as an important step supporting the digital development of the ecosystem, is the result of a set of solutions that emerged with the synergy of a multi-partner team. “I congratulate the Samsung, Moka, Maximum and Pazarama teams and my colleagues at Visa who contributed to the realization of the project.” said.

Speaking about S Wallet, Pazarama General Manager and Moka Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Serkan Uğraş Kaygalak said: “Thanks to this special project we have implemented in cooperation with Samsung, Visa, Pazarama and Moka, we are not only taking a new step in making contactless payments with smart watches in our country, but also offering a local application that can make payments via NFC outside banks to Samsung users. In this way, we provide added value that increases inclusion in areas that banking cannot reach in the development of financial technologies. Representing two institutions of İş Bank Group, I must state that thanks to this application developed with Moka’s license and Pazarama’s technology, we are completing an important gap with the wallet infrastructure that can be used both in the physical world and in online shopping. We are proud to launch a local version of Samsung Pay, a global digital wallet, on our local servers, in full compliance with our country’s regulations. In this way, we are meeting a need that has been going on for a long time. Thanks to S Wallet, users will be able to shop online with their wallets from Pazarama, which is located directly within the application. While normally marketplaces offer the wallet as an additional service, here we brought a different perspective to the situation and made online shopping a function of the wallet with Pazarama, providing Samsung customers with a special, innovative and easy online shopping experience. “I would also like to point out that it is also important that the project is implemented by bringing together 4 major brands in their fields, and that we find this very valuable in terms of the development of our country’s financial technologies and ecosystem understanding.” said.

With the S Wallet application, Samsung phone and watch owners will be able to pay safely and easily for purchases within the application, which offers special privileges to S Wallet, or for all their purchases. Thus, S Wallet will be a good example of wearable technology, allowing contactless payments via smartphones through physical POSs, as well as payment with a smart watch. Payments can be made from S Wallet wallets by scanning Samsung smartphones and watches to the POS device. S Wallet users will be able to benefit from special campaigns as well as the technology they have.