Samsung Galaxy S22 prices leak on the web, with a bad surprise for the S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 prices leak on the web with a

Samsung is expected to launch its new Galaxy S22 smartphones on February 8, but Roland Quandt of the (and reliable) German site WinFuture has already revealed their prices:

It is therefore interesting to compare them to the prices of the Galaxy S21 when they launched in January 2021, as well as to their current prices :

Galaxy S21
8/128 GB: 649 euros (859 euros at launch)
8/256 GB: 699 euros (909 euros at launch)

Galaxy S21+
8/128 GB: 799 euros (1059 euros at launch)
8/256 GB: 849 euros (1109 euros at launch)

Galaxy S21 Ultra
12/128 GB: 999 euros (1259 euros at launch)
12/256 GB: 1049 euros (1309 euros at launch)
16/512 GB: 1079 euros (1439 euros at launch)

For the Galaxy S22 and S22+, this is rather good news, because the prices are 10 euros cheaper than the S21 and S21+ when they were launched, with identical configuration (RAM and storage).

On the other hand, the situation changes for the S22 Ultra, since the cheapest model certainly costs 10 euros less than the S21 Ultra at its launch, but only has 8 GB of RAM instead of 12 GB. the disappearance of the model with 16 GB of RAM. This is probably due to the current shortage of components. The 12/256 GB version of the S22 Ultra costs 40 euros more than the equivalent S21 Ultra when it was launched.

Also see video:

Finally, we note that Samsung continues to charge 50 euros for the passage from 128 GB to 256 GB of storage.

We will have to wait for the official announcement from the manufacturer to see if these prices are confirmed.

Source : Android Police