Russia destroyed 4 speedboats carrying Ukrainian soldiers!

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that they destroyed 4 speedboats carrying soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces in the northwest of the Black Sea.

In the statement made by the ministry, it was stated that the planes belonging to the Black Sea Fleet targeted the landing groups of the Ukrainian army in the northwestern part of the Black Sea at night.

In the statement, it was recorded that 4 speedboats named Willard Sea Force, made by the USA, were destroyed and the boats were shot down as they were moving towards the Tarhankut Peninsula on the coast of Crimea.


In another statement of the Ministry of Defense, it was stated that Ukraine’s attempt to attack facilities on Russian soil with 2 aircraft type unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) at around 01.00 was prevented.

In the statement, it was argued that one of the UAVs was destroyed over the Black Sea waters near the Crimean Peninsula and the other in the skies of the Kursk region by the air defense systems.