RTL is planning a new jungle camp series for 2024 and the idea promises mega comebacks

RTL is planning a new jungle camp series for 2024

When the jungle camp enters a new round in 2024, fans can look forward to it two seasons be happy. After launching in 2004, I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here! Next year is the 20th anniversary and RTL wants to celebrate with a special additional season.

RTL is planning an additional summer season of the jungle camp for 2024

The information comes from DWDL that RTL and RTL+ want to bring an additional season in the summer in addition to the next jungle camp edition in January. The station is oriented towards Great Britain and is planning one All-Stars relay with candidates from previous jungle camp history. The new format will be pre-produced and recorded in South Africa and will therefore not be broadcast live every day.

It is not yet known who will take part in the summer season of the jungle camp. RTL is supposed to be right now Contact with various past stars record and request them for the special format.

According to DWDL, the jungle camp offshoot will start in late summer 2024 first on RTL+, but then also regularly on RTL.

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