Riot Games Veterans Form New Studio – Raising $55M for Next-Generation Open-World Game

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The Believer Company is a brand new development studio founded by two Riot Games veterans. Via a press release, the studio announces what they are working on and how much money they were able to raise for the project.

What kind of game can you expect? There is not much information yet. Those responsible describe the first project from The Believer Company as “a next-generation open-world game with a new brand”.

They now want to assemble a world-class team “to deliver a next-gen open-world game, anchored by an original IP with stories where player choices matter and gameplay systems that bring players together, rather than… to push them apart”.

The press release often talks about League of Legends and the advantages of Free2Play. It is quite possible that the new game will also be based on Free2Play. There are also clear indications that this is a cross-platform game.

The Believer Company describes itself as an AAA game studio. They were able to secure $55 million in funding. That’s not necessarily enough for a big AAA game, but work on the still secret game should now start.

Who is behind The Believer Company? The two founders are Steven Snow and Michael Chow. Snow helped found Riot Games and Chow was a former vice president at Riot Games.

Alongside the founders, other gaming industry veterans are at work:

  • Landon McDowell (Microsoft, Riot Games, Linden Lab)
  • Jeremy VanhoozerBungie, Electronic Arts
  • Tim Hsu (Twitter, Riot Games)
  • Shankar Gupta Harrison (Riot Games, Dentsu X)
  • Grace Park (League of Legends: Wild Rift)
  • Jeff Jew (League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra)
  • Currently, those responsible are not revealing much about their project. However, it all sounds very much like an MMO and service game – we at MeinMMO are sticking to the topic.

    What worlds build up in your head when you see the first info? What do you wish for in a game with so much Riot influence? Leave a comment on the topic.

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