Reved talks about her Twitch break, says she’s “in health like a 70-year-old at 23”

23-year-old Antonia “Reved” Staab is the biggest streamer on German Twitch. But in recent years she has struggled with health problems. In a new video she talks about her health, work and what’s next.

What’s going on at Reved? In August 2023, the streamer announced that she was taking a break from Twitch. She explained that she had been suffering from constant headaches for a long time and wanted to finally take the time to get to the bottom of the matter.

In a video published on her YouTube channel on September 12, 2023, she talks about the background to her decision and reveals what will happen next.

Shortly before her break, Reved really let it rip with a week-long streaming marathon:

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Painkillers for breakfast

How is the streamer’s health? In her video, Reved explains that she has suffered from headaches since she was a child, but the exact cause is still unclear. In the last two years, however, the situation has worsened to such an extent that she has to draw a line in the sand.

During this time, she had to take painkillers almost every day just to get through the day. According to Reved, she had already taken two paracetamol with her morning coffee.

At the same time, her body had deteriorated so much that even climbing stairs or taking a shower while standing was difficult. She also feels like she’s getting sick every day. “It wasn’t the plan that at 23 my health would be like that of a 70-year-old,” said the streamer.

We have included the entire video for you here:

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The 23-year-old explains that she can of course also go to the doctor in addition to streaming. However, she has already tried a lot in this regard without really making any progress. This means that every visit to the doctor is “stressful and disappointing.”

In the meantime she felt so bad that she didn’t have the strength to go to the doctor. It was only in the last six months that she had reached a sufficient mental state to take on the matter. This year alone she has already raised €25,000 for medical services that were not covered by health insurance.

So far, however, she has put work above her health: If there was a possible doctor’s appointment only when she was streaming, she didn’t attend it. That should change now.

What’s next? Reved explains that her streaming break is indefinite: neither she nor anyone else knows when it will start again. Her first priority is simply to get healthy. She describes the idea as “fucking scary.”

After all, streaming is not only their main source of income, but also “full.” [ihr] Thing”. The 23-year-old doesn’t really want to do anything else, like focus on YouTube or TikTok. That’s why she definitely plans to return to Twitch at some point.

Until then, there should be pre-produced content on YouTube.

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