Rennes – Angers (Ligue 1): a bitter taste match for Angers SCO, the summary of the match

Rennes Angers Ligue 1 a bitter taste match for

SRFC – Angers SCO. Final result of this clash between the Rennais and the Angevins: 4-2. With these two clear goals, Stade Rennais has clearly taken the upper hand over its opponent. The summary of the shock.

4:52 p.m. – It’s over at Roazhon Park (4-2)!

An indisputable domination in terms of ball possession (66% against 34%), a total of shots on target in his favor (5 shots on target against 2), and of course the advantage on the mark (4-2): the Stade Rennais maneuvered perfectly in this part (4-2). Angers SCO will have to deliver another performance during its next meetings.

16:48 – Corner for Stade Rennais

90ᵉ. New corner that will benefit Stade Rennais. It is on the left side of the goals that the danger will come.

16:46 – Free kick in favor of Angers SCO

88ᵉ. The referee has just whistled a 14th free kick for Angers SCO. The accumulation of stats concerning free kicks is also to the advantage of the Angevins, despite the scoreboard at the end of the match, with 14 set pieces against 13 for the Angevins. The score is still 4-2 in this game.

16:44 – Hamari Traoré is replaced by Lorenz Assignon at Rennes

86ᵉ. Lorenz Assignon comes on as a replacement for Hamari Traoré.

16:43 – Jérémy Doku is replaced by Chimuanya Ugochukwu at Rennes

86ᵉ. The Stade Rennais coach makes a substitution: Chimuanya Ugochukwu enters the game to take the place of Jérémy Doku in the 86th minute of play.

16:43 – Arnaud Kalimuendo is replaced by Karl Toko Ekambi at Rennes

86ᵉ. Karl Toko Ekambi enters in place of Arnaud Kalimuendo.

16:42 – The Rennais have a great goal opportunity!

84ᵉ. It’s heating up at Roazhon Park! What a wonderful opportunity for Stade Rennais.

4:42 p.m. – Jérémy Doku scores another goal for Stade Rennais (4-2)!

Jérémy Doku shakes the nets in the 84th minute of play in this 2nd period and allows his teammates to stand out in this meeting against Angers SCO. 4 to 2 at Roazhon Park!

16:42 – Corner in favor of Stade Rennais

84ᵉ. Stade Rennais creates an interesting opportunity to make the break (3-2) by immediately obtaining a new corner, which will be taken on the right side of the field in a few moments by Benjamin Bourigeaud.

4:40 p.m. – Sada Thioub is replaced by Lilian Rao-Lisoa at the Angevins

83ᵉ. Sada Thioub is replaced by Lilian Rao-Lisoa.

16:40 – Ibrahima Niane is replaced by Abdallah Sima at the Angevins

83ᵉ. Angers SCO makes a new change: Ibrahima Niane is recalled to the bench and Abdallah Sima makes his appearance.

4:40 p.m. – Shot off target for Angers SCO

82ᵉ. Interesting situation for Angers SCO but the frame escapes and this attempt fails to deceive the vigilance of the opposing goalkeeper.

16:38 – Corner in favor of Angers SCO

80ᵉ. Florent Batta signals a corner kick in favor of Angers SCO, on the left. Led in the score in this 2nd period, the visitors will try to put their opponent in difficulty with a cross from Nabil Bentaleb.

16:37 – Free kick for Angers SCO

79ᵉ. The referee has just awarded a 13th free kick in favor of Angers SCO. The accumulation of stats concerning free kicks is also to the advantage of the Angevins with 13 set pieces against 12 for the Angevins. The score is still 3-2 in this game

16:34 – Arthur Theate is replaced by Jeanuel Belocian at Rennes

76ᵉ. Arthur Theate gives way to Jeanuel Belocian.

16:33 – Florent Batta whistles a free kick against Angers SCO

76ᵉ. It’s now or never to take off for Stade Rennais, who are awarded a free kick in the opposing half of the field in the last moments of the match. The score is still 3-2 at Roazhon Park.

16:33 – No goal according to the VAR!

75ᵉ. After consulting the video, Florent Batta makes his final decision: the goal is not awarded for Angers SCO. The score remains unchanged at Roazhon Park!

16:31 – Will Florent Batta cancel the goal of Angers SCO?

73ᵉ. The game is stopped at Roazhon Park: Florent Batta hesitates to grant or invalidate the goal scored just now by Angers SCO and calls on video assistance.

4:30 p.m. – Equalization of Angers SCO (3-3)!

This is a goal that changes everything: Angers SCO come back to score in the 72nd minute of play in this 2nd half. It was Ibrahima Niane who reset the counters. The score is 3 to 3 at Roazhon Park!

16:30 – The Angevins offer themselves a serious goal opportunity!

72ᵉ. It’s heating up at Roazhon Park! What a wonderful opportunity for Angers SCO.

16:27 – Yellow card for Sada Thioub (Angers SCO)

69ᵉ. Sada Thioub, the Angers SCO player, is sanctioned with a yellow card.

16:26 – Adrien Hunou is replaced by Jean Matteo Bahoya at the Angevins

68ᵉ. Jean Matteo Bahoya succeeds Adrien Hunou in the 68th minute of play.

16:25 – It’s not on target for Ibrahima Niane!

67ᵉ. Interesting possibility for Ibrahima Niane but it lacks precision and this attempt fails to find the fault.

16:25 – Corner for Angers SCO

67ᵉ. This may be the opportunity for Angers SCO to turn the tide in this meeting, with this corner, his 5th today which will be struck on the right side by Nabil Bentaleb in a few moments.

16:23 – Yellow card for Stade Rennais

66ᵉ. The referee, Florent Batta, issues a warning to the Stade Rennais player.