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Putin The black book The file of


This is the reference book that we were waiting for on Putinism. In Vladimir Putin’s Black Book (Robert Laffont / Perrin), to be published on November 10, historians Galia Ackerman and Stéphane Courtois have brought together the best specialists in Russia (Françoise Thom, Cécile Vaissié, André Kozovoï…) in an attempt to unravel a mystery: how could a modest lieutenant-colonel, almost unknown twenty-five years ago, become a new tsar? As documented as it is implacable, the essay deciphers the course and retrograde ideology of an autocrat who never ceased to be a KGB man, imbued by his culture of violence, loyalty and duplicity. Exclusively, L’Express unveils extracts from Vladimir Putin’s Black Book, accompanied by a great interview with Galia Ackerman and Stéphane Courtois. According to them, Russia will only be able to really evolve and abjure its imperialist fantasies if it is “severely punished” for its aggression against Ukraine…