Pro reaches the highest rank in Apex Legends without a single kill

In Apex Legends, the ranking system has been overhauled. But some players are dissatisfied – and a professional was looking for a particularly creative way to express his displeasure.

Here’s what’s going on in Apex Legends: The new Season 17 has started, which brought changes to the weapon system, among other things, but Apex Legends’ ranking mode has also been adapted to the current season. EA speaks of “improved matching and more competition”.

The matchmaking is based on a hidden MMR rating, with some players complaining shortly after the start of the season that they are suddenly being matched against pros (via reddit). It also comes into play that the “participation fee” for each round is 35 ladder points – no matter what level you have.

At the same time, ladder points are awarded in a system that favors getting as far as possible in the game. However, this apparently tempts some players to sneak through the round instead of going into combat – and that doesn’t seem to go down well with everyone either.

Pro wants to show that battles are not necessary to get far

The new system called in pro “sweet,” who announced, “I’m considering doing a no-weapon, no-shooting challenge to prove how bad the system is” (via Twitter). And he put this into practice.

So he made it his mission to make it to the Predator rank in Apex Legends – the highest rank in the current system. Not only did he refrain from getting kills, he even completely avoided dealing damage.

He shared the corresponding graphic via Twitter:

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There you can see that he made it into the top 5 of the battle royales a total of 45 times out of a total of 50 matches. He did not distribute a single kill, no damage, but still got 5 wins. Otherwise, he apparently limited himself to reviving, rescuing teammates 11 times and letting them respawn 45 times.

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He suggests at least increasing the entry fee for higher level players or they “would be up in the trees.”

Sweet’s approach is also discussed in the Apex Legends subreddit (via reddit):

  • “So does that mean I have a chance?” one asks (via reddit).
  • “Yes, but you have to turn into a tree,” another joked back (via reddit).
  • “Some people are pretty upset about it, but I think it’s incredibly impressive,” commented one user (via reddit).
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    What do you think of the new system – and of sweet’s performance? Do you think that in Battle Royale skirmishes should be at the forefront, or is the insidious approach also quite exciting? Tell us in the comments!

    It remains to be seen how the feedback on the ranked in Season 17 will develop, after all the season has only been running for a short time. Incidentally, in an interview with MeinMMO, Apex Legends gave an insight into the long future of the shooter.