“Popped in my popcorn”

Popped in my popcorn

As a cinema year, 2022 offered some horror surprises. None, however, drew such a violent reaction as the hit Terrifier 2. Anyone who missed the bloody massacre of Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) in the cinema, can see the film on VOD or pre-order it on Blu-ray.

Horror hit Terrifier 2 caused horrific scenes in the cinema hall

The shocker by Damien Leone hardly stays with a story, rather, like in the predecessor Terrifier, Art butchers his way through a group of young adults and finally has to be stopped by Sienna (Lauren LaVera). The staging of Art’s atrocities is so drastic that that the audience reacted with severe bouts of nausea.

Puking spectators made an extra warning necessary for the horror hype, but did not detract from the success of the shocker. However, if you want to see the film uncut, you currently only have the option of buy it on Amazon as a VOD *.

If you’d rather put the film on your shelf, currently only gets the cut 18+ version as a German version. Alternatively, the film can be ordered as an uncut EU import.

When will Terrifier 2 come out on Blu-ray?

The German version will from April 6, 2023 delivered by Amazon. The uncut EU import without a German soundtrack, on the other hand, is available immediately.

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