Piazza Affari down, ballasted by the banks. On equality Europe

Piazza Affari down ballasted by the banks On equality Europe

(Finance) – Modest decrease for the Milan Stock Exchange, while the rest of Europe holds its previous values. Today in the Old Continent the publication of relevant macroeconomic data is not expectedwhile in the United States this evening the minutes of the Fed meeting at the beginning of the month will be released, from which indications could emerge on the less aggressive attitude adopted by the central bank despite the strength of the economy.

L’pay attention to Piazza Affari is addressed to MPSwhich records strong volumes after the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) successfully completed the sale of 314,922,429 ordinary shares, equal to 25% of the share capital, through an Accelerated Book Building (ABB) reserved for Italian and foreign institutional investors.

L’Euro / US Dollar it is essentially stable and stops at 1.095. Slightly rising seat for thegold, which advances to 1,987.3 dollars an ounce. Session in fractional decline for the petrolium (Light Sweet Crude Oil), which leaves, for now, 0.67%.

On equality, yes spreadwhich remains at +171 basis points, with the yield of the ten-year BTP which stands at 4.31%.

In the European stock market scenario substantially unchanged Frankfurtwhich reports a moderate +0.16%, moves below parity Londonshowing a decrease of 0.45%, and remains close to parity Paris (-0.18%).

Piazza Affari moves fractionally lower, with the FTSE MIB which is leaving 0.60% on the floor; on the same line, the FTSE Italia All-Sharewhich loses 0.58%, trading at 31,319 points.

Under parity the FTSE Italia Mid Cap, which shows a decline of 0.44%; on the same trend, down FTSE Italia Star (-0.72%).

At the top of the ranking of the most important titles of Milan, we find Nexi (+1.20%) e Mediolanum Bank (+0.85%).

The steepest declines, however, occur at MPS Bank, which continues the session with -5.79%. In red BPM desk, which highlights a sharp decline of 2.18%. The negative performance of CNH Industrialwhich falls by 1.92%. BPER drops by 1.61%.

At the top among Italian shares a mid-cap, Buzzi Unicem (+1.63%), Webuild (+1.53%), Believe me (+1.23%) e Intercos (+0.86%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Ferretti, which gets -4.33%. Decline decided for Seco, which marks -2.27%. Under pressure Carel Industries, with a sharp decline of 2.16%. He suffers El.Enwhich shows a loss of 1.97%.