One of the most popular and best shooters on PS5 currently only costs €13

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Currently, in February 2023, DOOM Eternal, one of the best and most popular shooters on PS4 and PS5, is reduced by 67% and costs just €13. On MeinMMO you can find out what kind of offer this is.

What game is it? With DOOM Eternal, the latest title in the popular game series was released in 2020. The action-packed shooter is known for presenting a particularly tough challenge, which you can currently purchase for €13.19 in the PlayStation Store.

In the story of DOOM Eternal you embody the Doom Slayer, a kind of super soldier and space marine who fights against numerous demons with all kinds of weapons. The demons have occupied the earth and subdued much of humanity. So it’s up to you to send the superiority of demons to hell.

In addition to the heart-pounding campaign, DOOM Eternal also features multilayer mode where a Slayer and two demons compete in an arena.

I’ve already died in level 1 of Doom Eternal and it was great

What is this offer? DOOM Eternal’s current offering offers the standard version of the shooter for €13.19. This saves you 67% of the actual purchase price. This is €39.99.

The offer in the PlayStation Store runs until February 16, 2023 and is available for the PS4 and Ps5. In general, owners of the PS4 version have been able to get a free next-gen upgrade for DOOM Eternal on PS5 since June 2020. This adds ray tracing to the game, a performance mode up to 120 FPS and the option to play the game in 4K resolution at 60 FPS.

Check out the DOOM Eternal offer on PlayStation Store here.

DOOM Eternal official trailer

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DOOM Eternal convinces with high ratings

How good is DOOM Eternal? The currently reduced PlayStation version of DOOM Eternal has a strong user score of 8.9 on metacritic and was therefore very well received by the players. The review score is also very high at 87. Many renowned gaming magazines gave the shooter a high rating:

  • Game Pro: 90
  • IGN: 90
  • GameRant: 90
  • 90
  • In the 2020 test report, the GamePro colleagues also write that DOOM Eternal was one of the candidates for “the best shooter” of 2020 and that the fun never let up during the “shooting”.

    Read the full GamePro review of DOOM Eternal here.

    A shooter for players looking for a special challenge

    Who is DOOM Eternal interesting for? In principle, DOOM Eternal is interesting for every shooter fan or player who is looking for a special challenge.

    The game is characterized by concentrated action and not by realism. So if you’re less into aliens or demons and prefer realistic combat like Hell Let Loose or Escape from Tarkov, then DOOM might not be the game for you.

    The same applies if difficult games quickly frustrate you and he cannot cope with huge enemy masses or bloody scenes. DOOM Eternal is definitely not a game suitable for children.

    DOOM Eternal is the place for fans of the DOOM series, shooter veterans and players who want to experience pure action and brutality.

    If you’re still undecided whether DOOM Eternal is of interest to you, MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus shows you 5 things you need to know before buying DOOM Eternal.