Now the principal, whose school showed “pornographic” content to children, was fired

Now the principal whose school showed pornographic content to children

The parents accused the school management of exposing the children to pornographic material. There has also been a recent debate in Florida about what kind of literature is suitable for children.

In the US state of Florida, the principal of the local school in the city of Tallahassee had to resign due to pressure from parents, they say American media (you will switch to another service) and BBC (switch to another service).

According to concerned parents, the principal exposed children to pornographic material.

Jupakka originated from a lesson on art history, where the students were shown the difference in Italian art Michelangelo’s Image of the statue of David.

The iconic statue is one of the most famous works of art in Western history.

The lesson also discussed by Sandro Botticelli Birth of Venus painting.

According to one concerned guardian, the material was pornographic and should not have been shown to children. Two other parents were of the opinion that the teacher should have informed the parents in advance that pictures of naked people would be shown during the lesson.

Finally, the principal resigned at the request of the school board. He had managed to work as a principal for less than a year.

Continuation of the “bookworm”

Governor of Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis this year started an extensive educational reform, which can already be seen in the everyday life of local schools.

In late January, hundreds of Florida schools emptied their bookshelves in panic. The schools did not want to get into trouble when the new political rules governing school literature were about to come into effect.

According to them, the school’s media specialist must go through all the books available to the children and check whether they comply with the rules of the Ministry of Education.

Thursday Florida decided to move (you move to another service)education laws in the state again. The new legislation prohibits public schools from teaching topics related to sexuality education and gender identity, among other things.