Norway superstar confused as protesters stop World Cup: ‘I would have hit’

Norway superstar confused as protesters stop World Cup I would

Norway’s Henrik Kristoffersen did not melt the enthusiasm of the climate protestors at the Alpine Skiing World Cup and, among other things, threw snowballs at them.

The opening race of the Alpine Skiing Men’s Slalom World Cup in Gurgli, Austria was unexpectedly interrupted when a group of climate activists rushed by Marco Schwarz after the second round landing in the goal area and spread orange paint there.

Norway, which finished its competition a little earlier Henrik Kristoffersen was overwhelmed by the excitement of the activists and went towards the demonstrators waving his fists. Based on the video, at least one police officer and other people in the goal area stopped the raging Norwegian.

Kristoffersen has won the slalom cup three times and the giant slalom world cup once. In addition to two World Championship golds, he has celebrated Olympic silver and bronze.

Kristoffersen demanded after the race in an interview with NRK Demonstrators of the Last Generation group to be held responsible for their act, with which they wanted to draw attention to climate issues.

– Damn idiots. That kind of person doesn’t pull. There must be consequences for this, he would say.

– I told them that I don’t respect them at all. I would have hit if I had the chance.

Kristoffersen was annoyed that Norway was next in line Alexander Steen Olsen had to wait at the starting point for the race to continue because of the rapture.

Olsen was fifth after the first round, but after a wait, his second round descent went poorly, and the Norwegian dropped to 18th in the final results.

– That is really disrespectful. Say what you want, vote and try to bring about changes, but don’t spoil what other people are doing. Such a thing is completely reprehensible, Kristoffersen said.

Kristoffersen was also enthusiastic about throwing snowballs at the protesters, his Croatian rival by Filip Zubic with.

– He hit one protester in the head. He was very happy about it, Kristoffersen said.

Not booked

The climate protestors were able to advance with apparent ease directly to the finish area, where the competitors are descending at high speed.

Norwegian national team coach Ola Masdalin according to the situation there were risks.

– You have to think a little about security. Calculators can come here at high speed. It can be scary, Masdal said.

Leader of the competition Markus Waldner was surprised that the protesters attacked the remote Gurgli, where the first World Cup competition was held.

– We were not prepared for this. There were a lot of police here, but in the wrong places. It took them a while to get to the goal area, but they say there were already Vikings in action, Waldner said according to NRK.

This was Kristoffersen’s reasoning

After the race, Kristoffersen published an update on Instagram in which he justified his actions.

– Today’s situation in the second round will divide opinions, but I want to act if I feel injustice. Climate is a hugely important thing, I don’t want to deny that. However, there is never a right place or time to disrupt such an event, Kristoffersen wrote.

– For most athletes, this is their whole life. At least four counters had their competition destroyed today, and I think that’s unfair.