Niklas Wikegård’s great tribute and unexpected sawing of Frölunda and Leksand before the SHL: “I hope I’m wrong”

In a video, Niklas Wikegård pays tribute to Frölunda for their work before the season.
He also points out the players the club did well in getting rid of.
– The list can be made long, says Wikegård on Instagram.

In a video on his Instagram shares Niklas Wikegård with him about some thoughts for the upcoming SHL season. When it comes to who will win SM gold, the TV expert says that he thinks Timrå can surprise and win the series.

Saws Leksand

Wikegård also mentions a club he thinks will fare worse. That club is Leksand, there Thomas Johansson is general manager.
– The finger of warning for Leksand, I don’t think they will continue to develop the way that Thomas Johansson wants. I hope I’m wrong, he says.

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230826 Leksand’s Kalle Östman celebrates after 3-2 during the ice hockey match in the training match between Leksand and Mora on August 26, 2023 in Leksand. Photo: Daniel Eriksson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 173 / DE0167

One club the former hockey coach, on the other hand, praises is Frölunda.
– I am very impressed by what Frölunda has done, I like what you do.

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Wikegård’s blacklist

He is not only impressed by the names Frölunda brought in. Wikegård also points out that the club did well in getting rid of a number of players.
– I am very impressed that the association wants to continue to be a high performer and understood that “should we continue with these players – Ryan Lasch, Patrick Carlsson – and the season before – Johan Sundströmthe list goes on, Jan Muršak, Anders Grönlund – then we won’t stay up there. It has swayed, we have to make very unpleasant decisions’ and that has been done. I think that is taking command, says Wikegård.

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230907 Frölunda’s Max Friberg celebrates after 2-3 during the training match in ice hockey between Frölunda and Rögle on September 7, 2023 in Skövde. Photo: Carl Sandin / BILDBYRÅN / code CS / CS0419

Frölunda has brought in players before the season Malte Strömwall, Carl Klingberg, Gustav Rydahl and Henrik Tömmernes. The club’s season opener is played against Timrå away at 19:00 on Thursday.
Leksand receives Örebro at the same time, on the same day.

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