Niklas Wikegård’s beautiful giant tribute to Kenta Nilsson – which all Swedish hockey fans must hear: “Deserves it”

Kent Nilsson is one of Sweden’s greatest hockey players of all time.
Niklas Wikegård thinks that should be given even more attention.
– He deserves to be talked about more, says the TV profile in the podcast Sporthuset.

Kent “Kenta” Nilsson, also known as “Mr Magic” or “Magic Man”, is one of Sweden’s greatest hockey players of all time. The icon played 553 games in the NHL, with a 1.21 points average. He won several titles and claimed the Golden Puck in 1989.

Wikegård’s tribute

Nilsson ended his career in the 1997/1998 season at the Spanish club Majadahonda HC. Someone who followed “Mr Magic” during his 20-year career was Niklas Wikegårdwhich now pays tribute to the former star player.
– Fast, extremely club-savvy, game mind, had the whole package going forward, comparable to the absolute most skilled players now. A technology that I think was far ahead. And then a rocking good shot at it. Great skating and a courage in the game, that is, he dared to challenge, dared to do things. I like his way of playing, extremely entertaining, says Wikegård in the Sporthuset podcast.

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210422 Cmore commentator Niklas Wikegård during semifinal one in the SHL between Växjö and Örebro on April 22, 2021 in Växjö. Photo: Jonas Ljungdahl / BILDBYRÅN / COP 144 / JO0043

The TV profile then goes on to list a series of hockey players. Players who David Pastrnak, Mikko Rantanen, Gordie Howe, Bobby Clarke and more, and asks what all those players have in common.
– They have a worse scoring average than Kenta Nilsson in the NHL. Kenta Nilsson ranks tenth all-time, out of the thousands of guys who have played there. You forget how damn skilled offensively this guy was. There are some extreme talents and Kenta was crazy, crazy good. Kenta Nilsson deserves to be talked about more in Swedish hockey and international hockey, fantastic player, says Wikegård.

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The meeting with Nilsson

During the last season, the former hockey coach was guested by Nilsson in his program Wikegård VS. In the podcast, Wikegård talks about the meeting with one of Swedish hockey’s greatest.
– It was a wonderful and very easy day for me, I thought “am I really getting paid to do this?”. Eating, talking, we went to the art college, Kenta painted a little. We finished with him making some stew, we stood and drank some good wine. His whole personality, where he came from, so extremely down to earth, even though he has been one of the best offensive players in the world.

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150119 Kent Nilsson on the red carpet during the Sports Gala on January 19, 2015 in Stockholm. Photo: Johanna Lundberg / Bildbyrån / 135240

Kenta Nilsson’s fine outlook on life did not go unnoticed by Wikegård.
– He is an extreme enjoyer of life, loves social interaction, always has a smile on his face. If Kenta had played now, he would have earned 100 million kroner a year, he was so skilled, but no sour faces, forward.

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