New Year’s Eve pregnant: aperitif and meal, what to eat on December 31?

New Years Eve pregnant aperitif and meal what to eat

Are you pregnant during the New Year and you don’t want to restrict yourself to aperitifs and meals? We take stock of what you can eat, with some menu ideas to prepare if you wake up at home on December 31.

During the New Year’s meal, it can be difficult for a pregnant woman to know what to eat. And for good reason : diet during pregnancy changes completely, especially if one is not immune to the toxoplasmosis. And it is well known, during the end of year celebrations, the menus are generally very copious and well watered, the temptation is there but future mothers must take some precautions for their health and that of baby. So, what can you eat when pregnant for New Year’s Eve on December 31, and how to treat yourself while expecting a baby? Our advice and ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve without being frustrated!

What aperitif for a pregnant woman at New Year?

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Throughout your pregnancy, it is strongly advised not to drink alcohol, even exceptionally to celebrate the new year! You probably already know that alcohol is a very powerful toxin that crosses the placental barrier. If you are invited, ask your hosts to provide fruit cocktails or sodas. If you are hosting, you will easily find non-alcoholic party drinks at low prices. You can also opt for delicious non-alcoholic cocktails homemade, just as festive.

Aperitif cakes, toasts and verrines

As an aperitif, in addition to alcohol, toast with smoked salmon, taramasalata, rillettes or charcuterie platters are prohibited because they are made from raw fish and meat. It is therefore better to avoid these dishes if you have not had toxoplasmosis, and also beware of listeriosis. Also keep an eye on the verrines on offer, some may contain raw meat or fish, Serrano ham or even raw milk cheese. You can fall back without hesitation on the dried fruits, crisps and crackers which are safe (even if they tend to weigh down your calorie balance…). The most dietary being raw vegetables, but make sure they are well washed. As for toast, you can eat canapes covered with tapenade and fresh vegetables, slices of foccacia, toast or pesto puff pastries.

Pregnant, what to eat as a starter for New Year?

Do you dream of a beautiful seafood platter? We will have to sort! Avoid oysters which can give you listeriosis, on the other hand, you are entitled to cooked prawns and langoustines. As to foie grasas advised Béatrice Benavent-Marco, nutritionist, you shouldn’t “No homemade preparation from fresh foie gras. Not bought either, except in a sterilized vacuum jar. Indeed, the risk of pathogenic bacteria is too present”. Also make a cross on the raw meat tartars, or on the charcuterie. On the other hand, you can taste, for example, toast of warm goat cheese with a touch of honey or fig jam and gourmet gazpacho.

Pregnant, what to eat on New Year’s Eve?

For the New Year’s Eve main course on December 31, you won’t have to be choosy. Fish, meat and poultry are accepted as long as they are well cooked. However, avoid poultry stuffing, which generally consists of charcuterie (not tolerated). As an accompaniment, opt for steamed vegetables or starchy foods. You can prepare or enjoy bean bundles, honey-roasted butternut squash with nuts, celery puree or sweet potato.

Pregnant, what to eat for dessert at New Year?

The disillusion can be great, but the famous New Year’s Log will not pass through your stomach… Indeed, raw egg and milk, if poorly preserved, can be dangerous. This is why it is better to avoid creams, mousses or ice creams and prefer cakes, cakes or homemade pies.