NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg on Finnish NATO positions: "I have noticed a strong increase in support"

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg on Finnish NATO positions quotI have

Secretary General of the NATO Alliance Jens Stoltenberg comments on Finland’s NATO debate following a meeting of defense ministers in Brussels.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Defense Antti Kaikkonen (center), which opened the situation in Finland for Stoltenberg.

– I met Minister of Defense Kaikkonen, and he told me about the political situation in Finland. At NATO, we have become aware of the growing support for Finland’s NATO membership, Stoltenberg told .

– But this is Finland’s decision. Finland has free democratic processes that NATO does not want to influence in any way, the Secretary General continued.

Stoltenberg estimates that the Russian attack has affected attitudes towards NATO in both Finland and Sweden.

– Finland and Sweden see that Russia is ready to use military force to force its neighbors to pursue policies that they themselves do not want.

According to Stoltenberg, each state must draw its own conclusions from Russia’s actions. He emphasizes that NATO countries are united by the idea that they are in a better position together than separately.

Stoltenberg reiterated the good starting points of Finland and Sweden for NATO membership.

– We know that Finland and Sweden meet NATO standards both politically and militarily.

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