Mummy star Brendan Fraser is barely recognizable in the first trailer for The Whale

Mummy star Brendan Fraser is barely recognizable in the first

Perhaps the biggest and certainly the most emotional film comeback of the year, Brendan Fraser stars in director Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale. The big star of the nineties (Die Mummy, Teufelisch) had withdrawn from the public for a long time. At the premiere of The Whale, he received an endless standing ovation and moved the audience to tears.

Now is the first trailer for the long-awaited work appeared, in which Fraser plays a severely overweight professor who no longer leaves his apartment. This required a sensational transformation.

Watch the first trailer for The Wale here

The Whale Trailer 1 (English)

That’s what The Whale is about

The offbeat tragic comedy is based on the play of the same name by Samuel D. Hunter. A man weighing almost 300 kilos retreated into it to eat himself to death. At the same time he tries to repair the difficult relationship with his daughter.

Moviepilot editor-in-chief Lisa Ludwig from the Venice Film Festival wrote about the film:

In the end, The Whale seems like a school assignment that Aronofsky and author Samuel D. Hunter set themselves: come up with a film idea in which the life of the protagonist an allegory on the literary classic Moby Dick is and repeatedly shows clear parallels to the template. The result would be cerebral, emotionally manipulative run-of-the-mill drama if Brendan Fraser and the rest of the cast didn’t save their master director’s ass like this. You can watch, but you don’t have to. When is The Wale in cinemas?

If you want to watch The Whale, you probably won’t be able to until sometime next year. Unfortunately, there is no German start date yet.

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Are you excited about Brendan Fraser’s comeback?