Microsoft will not keep its employees’ Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions

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software giant Microsoftwill take a step that is considered very interesting and will allow its employees to pay free of charge. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate He would cut his subscription.

Microsoft, It is a company with more than 238 thousand employees, and most of these employees will be working unpaid as of January 2024. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate The news that he would not have a subscription made a splash. As far as reportedXbox / Game” Free Game Pass would be given to employees on the side, but other employees would have to subscribe to the service specifically as of the new year. The company, which upset some employees in this regard, He was going to sell Game Pass to his employees cheaper than outside through the private employee market, but at the last stage, this was not necessary.. Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox team, reportedly stepped in to address the situation and the decision was quickly reversed. For some people, a company that makes billions of dollars every quarter is taking such a step. “unbelievable” arrived, the company has not yet commented on the issue. Last week too Xbox Game Pass It was said that there might be a new increase in prices in Turkey, and unfortunately this turned out to be true. Xbox Game Pass service has been available monthly for PC and console in Turkey so far. 79.99 TLmonthly for “Ultimate” 120.99 TL were sold at prices.


Here are the monthly prices for PC and console. For 159 TL, In the case of “Ultimate”, full monthly for 209 TL was raised. This price increase, which is exclusive to Turkey only, can be found in Steam details. Here It was not pleasant at all for the players in Turkey after the news of the conversion from TL to dollars that we included. Meanwhile, it is claimed that Game Pass is no longer available for the long term. Microsoft seems to have closed that door with the new raise.