Microsoft Made a Hot Crypto Move!

Microsoft Made a Hot Crypto Move

Microsoft, one of the biggest technology companies of today, shared a pleasing news for crypto holders. Crypto wallet feature is coming into the frequently used Microsoft Edge.

With the development of technology, cryptocurrencies began to take more place in people’s lives. Knowing this situation and working on it for a while, Microsoft planned to bring a crypto wallet feature in the Egde browser. This feature, which is currently in the testing phase, will be available to all users in a short time.

Microsoft Edge wallet (M-Wallet) Thanks to its feature, it aims to protect users from unsafe addresses or applications. The new cryptocurrency support will enable a much simpler experience with integrated security features.

This crypto wallet feature, which is currently in testing, was first released coinbase And moonpay will support the stock market. Used by millions of people today Binance exchange is not yet integrated. After the full announcement of the crypto wallet, many more are expected to be included in this feature.

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