Markku Kanerva saw the reason for 370 million euros in the Huuhkajie’s stinging defeat – Teemu Pukki explained his freezing on the field of the Olympic Stadium

Markku Kanerva saw the reason for 370 million euros in

Huuhkajat lost to Denmark 0–1 at the Olympic Stadium. Lukas Hradecky, who was voted the best Huuhkajat player of the night, made a lot of top saves.

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Hinn Hirvonen

Finland kept Denmark’s star team tight in the European football qualifiers, but by Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg A long shot in the 87th minute decided. Denmark beat Huuhkajat 1–0 at the sold-out Olympic Stadium in Helsinki.

Finnish captain Lukas Hradecky kept Huuhkaji up with numerous top saves. Huuhkajat managed to keep a clean sheet for almost five games. The last time the Huuhkajat kept the opponents scoreless for longer was in 2018, when Finland first played a scoreless game in a home match against Belarus and then four times in a row in the Nations League.

– I’m disappointed with the result, but you can’t be disappointed otherwise. Every guy left everything on the field. It was all about the little one. A point would have helped immensely. V-I know, but the journey continues, Finland’s captain Lukas Hradecky said to Urheilu.

– It is expected that Denmark will dominate. They run the game a bit like in handball. The guys defended with self-sacrifice. I had a few good saves. The most important one was missed. Bad bet, but… the journey continues. It’s nice that the games are going well for myself and the team, Hradecky said.

The statistics told clearly about the course of the match. Denmark had 63 percent of the possession. Denmark had 62 attacks, Finland 21. Attempts to score went to Denmark 15–4, 6–0 towards the goal.

Denmark passed 768 times, of which 686 (89%) were successful. Finland passed 407 times, 325 passed (80%).

Hradecky especially praised the atmosphere.

– Tried to defend and keep Denmark away from dangerous places. The next step is to develop and take over the match against teams of this level as well.

Markku Kanervalta has a simple reason for the defeat

Huuhkajat is still firmly in the EC competition place, as the two best in the group go to the competition. In October, Huuhkajat will next face Slovenia away and Kazakhstan at home in big games.

Hradecky says that he was already looking forward to the games when he watched the atmosphere of the packed Olympic Stadium on a September evening.

The head coach of Huahkaji Markku Kanerva saw a simple thing as the solution to the match.

– To be honest, Denmark was the better team. The total value is 400 million, we have 30 million. Yes, it was visible somewhere, for example in basic studies, Kanerva summed up.

Kanerva praised the fact that Finland was able to keep Denmark out of dangerous scoring areas.

– It is clear that we cannot create our own chances against teams of this level. I don’t know if it was nervousness or overload. At least in the beginning there were difficulties, says Kanerva.

Huuhkaji have four games left in the EC qualifiers.

– We were close to a draw. In Denmark, we were locked in the 83rd minute, now a couple of minutes longer. It feels bitter. The situation is getting tighter in the block. I still strongly believe that we will reach our goal, Kanerva formulated.

According to Puk, the heavy field froze

Teemu Pukki got half through on a few occasions in the first half, but was caught by Danish players.

– Difficult game. Should have been better on a few counter attacks. The goal might have been scored. The game would have been different. Today was a tough field and a tough game. I ran out of strength, Pukki said.

According to Puk, Finland pushed too hard to defend in the second half.

– Denmark was able to make long attacks. It was probably only a matter of time before they scored, Pukki said.

However, the Finnish striker is confident about the rest of the qualifying games.

– Everything is open. Let’s win the rest of our games. Then we’ll get to the games, Pukki decided.

Finland’s EC qualifying matches

23.3. Denmark–Finland 3 to 1
26.3. Northern Ireland–Finland 0–1
16.6. Finland–Slovenia 2–0
19.6. Finland–San Marino 6–0
7.9. Kazakhstan–Finland 0–1
10.9. Finland–Denmark 0–1

Sat 14.10. at 19 Slovenia–Finland
Tue 17.10. at 19 Finland–Kazakhstan
Fri 17.11. at 19 Finland–Northern Ireland
Mon 20.11. at 21:45 San Marino–Finland

The best two of the group will qualify for the summer 2024 European Championships, which will be played in Germany.

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