Lucky guy manages twice in 15 minutes what we unlucky people have been desperate for months

Have you ever encountered or caught a Galar Bird in Pokémon GO? It’s not that easy. A coach, on the other hand, was doubly happy about it.

What are Galar Birds? The three legendary Galar Birds are special versions of Arktos, Zapdos and Lavados. In Pokémon GO, these can only be found by using the daily adventure smoke – an item that gives you special spawns for 15 minutes when you move.

However, the encounter is not guaranteed, on the contrary. The birds are actually characterized by three things:

  • They are very, very rarely found. Also with the adventure smoke.
  • If you hit them, they have an extremely low catch rate. So they probably won’t stay in the first ball you throw.
  • And third, they have an extremely high escape rate. This means: If they don’t stay in the ball, there is a high probability that they will run away straight away.
  • These circumstances have made the Galar Birds one of the rarest catches since they were introduced in the summer of 2022. To this day, players keep writing that they still don’t have them, sometimes they haven’t even found them.

    With a coach, however, things went in a completely different direction.

    Trainer grabs 2 Galar birds in one fell swoop – players can’t believe it

    One trainer describes it: In the Pokémon GO subreddit, a user reported and shows his yield from the daily adventure smoke. Contains: Two successfully caught Galar birds, Zapdos and Arktos.

    The trainer writes of the “happiest 15 minutes” and also explains that it wasn’t actually aimed at that. The chance of seeing both at once is low, but then catching both is intense.

    The user got a little better chances, because he caught the Zapdos with the Master Ball – although he really didn’t want to: “I was a bit sad because I already had a Zapdos and therefore didn’t want to use the Master Ball for another one , but my son was begging me lol,” he writes.

    But then Arktos suddenly appeared: “I thought ‘that must be a joke, I should have waited’, but then I somehow caught it. Now I have to exchange Zapdos for Lavados, then I have the trio.”

    That’s what other coaches say: In the comments, other players can’t believe what the coach caught there.

  • “One of the greatest flexes I’ve seen here,” writes one trainer (via reddit).
  • Another writes that the trainer caught more Galar birds in 15 minutes than he ever did: “I don’t have any Galar birds” (via reddit).
  • “Had to double check to make sure you didn’t catch the whole trio in one go. You probably burned all your luck for the next month anyway” (via reddit).
  • “How the heck do people see multiple birds on just one adventure smoke?” asks another (via reddit).
  • “Oh man, people are flexing their Vogel fangs and unlucky I still haven’t seen one” (via reddit).
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    What is your current Galar bird status? Have you been able to snag them yet, or are you still missing them? And would you use a Master Ball on them if you got one? Tell us in the comments.

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