LoL developer explains why feeders and trolls won’t be permanently banned immediately

The biggest problem in League of Legends is the players. In addition to individual mistakes and sometimes a lack of skill, intentional trolls are particularly a problem. Many are calling for a permanent ban for these. A developer now explains why it’s not that easy.

What’s the deal with feeders and trolls? In LoL you can easily ruin the match for your fellow players:

  • On the one hand, you can die again and again and thus give your opponent additional gold and a lot of freedom in their lane. This is also called feeding, i.e. feeding the opponent.
  • Another option is general “trolling”. You sabotage your own team, for example by making nonsensical decisions, foregoing team fights or by simply leaving your lane and stealing creeps from your jungler, for example.
  • Of course, both are bad for other people’s gaming experience. That’s why fair players in particular demand consistent and, above all, quick action from the developer Riot Games. But speed is not that easy, as the developer HuntedFork confirms on Reddit.

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    “Feeding is a reason for a perma-ban”

    What does the developer say? In a comment, user SnowyyRaven wrote: The problem is not the severity, but the detection of it. Writing a system that detects this behavior without banning innocent players is complicated.

    The Riot employee commented on this statement with a “Exactly that” and adds: But for the record, feeding is grounds for a perma-ban (via Reddit).

    Is Riot doing nothing? You cant say it like that. The bans happen all the time, but there are still a lot of trolls who somehow go under the radar. This also includes YouTubers who intentionally lose matches for the entertainment of their viewers.

    Riot Games also regularly tries to make the community more positive, for example by banning people in ranked matches if people behave negatively or making changes to the chat system. In fact, one has the feeling that the situation has become somewhat better in recent years than it was in 2018/19.

    What do you think about trolls and feeders in LoL? Do they bother you so much that you would like to permanently ban them?

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