Live stream & game tips (Handball WC)

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

Stream Sweden – Hungary

To watch the Sweden – Hungary stream from the handball WC, there are two options to choose from. Both Viaplay and Bet365 have broadcasts that you can watch live online.

At Bet365, you can bet on odds while watching all matches from the handball WC via live stream. The only requirement is that you have at least SEK 50 in your gaming account. This money will not be deducted when you watch Sweden – Hungary live stream. You can instead use the money to bet on odds. It is therefore largely free to stream sports with Bet365.

At Viaplay, you will be able to stream Sweden – Hungary in HD and with Swedish commentators. Here it is required that you have an account with an associated subscription.

  • Live stream: Bet365 and Viaplay
  • TV channel: TV6
  • Game tips for Sweden – Hungary

    Of course, we have picked out a betting tip with good odds before the match. When we check the handball WC odds online, Sweden is the clear favorite to win against Hungary. A bet on a Swedish victory does not return even 1.20 x the bet.

    In order to increase the odds before the match, we have chosen to play on the Swedish profit margin. We believe that Sweden will win the match convincingly – but absolutely no crushing. Hungary is a strong team with an upward trend. A logical distance between the teams when the match is over is between 4-6 balls to Sweden’s advantage.

    Our bet will therefore be placed on a Swedish victory with a 4-6 goal advantage against Hungary. That gives us good odds at Bet365.

  • Game tip: Sweden wins with 4-6 goals
  • Odds: 3.60
  • Betting site: Bet365
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