Linn Svahn’s great anger – completely honest words after the drama that everyone missed: “The worst thing I know”

Linn Svahn was close to securing a historic third place.
Then she lost – after a miss that no one noticed.
– That’s the worst thing I know, she says.

Sweden has never been first, second and third in a distance race. On Sunday, they really had the chance, when Jonna Sundling, Frida Karlsson and Linn Svahn took an early lead in the women’s 10 kilometer race in Minneapolis.

The drama everyone missed

Jonna Sundling won the competition before Frida Karlsson, but Linn Svahn was only fourth in the end, even though she was in a great position to get on the podium. And the reason was a crash that no one perceived. When Svahn was skiing in the forest, she suddenly fell, and when she was caught by the cameras again, she had lost a lot of her teammates.

Linn Svahn was very disappointed after the race, as she thought she did perhaps her best individual race ever.

– I crashed. It was a patch of ice that sent me flying downhill, Svahn tells Expressen.

“The worst I know”

Linn Svahn believes that it was “just about”, and that she was in good enough shape to win the entire competition.

– I had caught up with (Victoria) Carl, so I would have had a great ride down to the lap if I hadn’t fallen. I thought I was going to win this. I was so energetic, she says.

231208 Linn Svahn of Sweden during a training session ahead of the FIS Cross Country World Cup on December 8, 2023 in Östersund. Photo: Johan Axelsson / BILDBYRÅN

Linn Svahn took the time to meet the media after the race, because of the disappointment she felt.

– The phase, then, we had 100 percent taken a triple. It is more than likely that it is something like this that decides. That it won’t be a clean race is the worst thing I know, she says.

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