Lillemor and Börje fell in love at the nursing home – newly engaged

83-year-old Lillemor Lövkvist and 91-year-old Börje Lundqvist are happy proof that love has no age limit.
At the nursing home, they found love in each other and now they are engaged.

– I never thought that you would be involved in something like this, says Börje Lundqvist.

When Börje Lundqvist, 91, came to the Källbogården nursing home in Surahammar for two and a half months, it didn’t take long before he noticed Lillemor Lövkvist, 83, eight years younger.

– She is a good girl. I immediately fell for her, says Börje Lundqvist to Efter Fem and continues:

– We became a little more familiar with each other. That’s how it turned out.

In the interview, Lillemor Lövkvist also talks about her feelings for the newfound love.

– He is a real gentleman, attentive, caring and broad over the shoulders, says Lillemor Lövkvist.

“It was a great party”

Now they are engaged. According to the couple themselves, it was a grand and emotional engagement party at the nursing home.

– I’m an emotional person and it’s quite easy to be thrown between joy and not directly sadness, but just that feeling of warmth, says Lillemor Lövkvist about the emotions during the engagement party.

– It was a huge party. I never thought I would be involved in something like this, says Börje Lundqvist.