Lauri Markkanen shone when Utah’s losing streak was broken – the Finnish star collected praise and spoke confidently about his versatility

Lauri Markkanen shone when Utahs losing streak was broken

The Utah Jazz snapped their four-game losing streak in the NBA. Lauri Markkanen was the best scorer in the winning match with 31 points. The Finn’s versatility again garnered praise.

The Utah Jazz broke their four-game losing streak in the NBA basketball league with a 131-124 away win over Orlando. of Utah Lauri Markkanen continued his strong form from the previous match and was the best scorer in the winning match with 31 points. The Finn scored an important basket in the closing moments, which ultimately decided the match.

Markkanen got the ball moving, skillfully avoided losing the ball in a tight space and finished off the rookie star Paolo Bancheron despite the strong defense, a beautiful floater shot into the basket. Utah’s lead grew to five points with just 10 seconds left in the game.

Markkanen threw 22 times in the match and hit 11 of these free throws. In addition, he nailed all six of his free throws. The 3-pointers hit decently, three out of nine attempts. It is difficult to completely defend the Finn, who charmed the current season with his versatility.

– The defense has to choose how they defend me. I can attack in ways that they leave open, Markkanen assessed after the match.

Despite the strong grips, Markkanen sees room for improvement.

– There is still a lot to improve. By analyzing videos, reading the game is even easier and I become more efficient, the Finn continued.

The compliments don’t stop

Markkanen’s teammate, who played a strong match himself Walker Kessler praised the 25-year-old Finn after the game.

– He is an incredible player. “His size, athleticism and skill — he can do it all: carry, shoot threes, finish through contact,” Kessler said happily.

In the previous game against Dallas, Markkanen scored 33 points and made 3-pointers with a wild 55 percent accuracy. Now the long throw accuracy was not the same, but the Finn was still efficient.

– They play physically hard against him in every match. He finds ways to get through that and still be effective, Utah’s head coach Will Hardy praised his Finnish protector.

Utah sold several key players in February, but the team is still fighting for a playoff spot in the Western Conference. Winning after four losses was important for playoff dreams.

– We did everything we could to break the losing streak. We kept fighting throughout the match, as we always do. They got their spirits up, but we focused on the next ball control and took the win, Markkanen said.

Utah’s away tour continues in Charlotte and ends in Miami on Monday.