Latest news – The discovery: Ultramassive black hole

Latest news The discovery Ultramassive black hole
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The discovery: Ultramassive black hole

today at 23.39 Nora Fernstedt

An illustration of a black hole.E Photo: ESA/Hubble/TT

Using new technology, astronomers have discovered one of the largest black holes ever recorded, write CNN.

The ultramassive black hole has a mass 30 billion times that of the Sun.

The research team calls the discovery “extremely exciting”.

– This black hole, which has a mass of around 30 billion times that of the Sun, is one of the largest ever discovered and is at the upper limit of how big we think black holes can theoretically be, says the study’s lead author James Nightingale at Durham University, according to CNN.

The research results open the door to discovering more ultramassive black holes and investigating how they could have become so large, say the researchers.

Latest news

  • Seven detained in terror investigations

    Seven people have been detained in Belgium in double investigations into “possible terrorist attacks”, writes TT and refers to the federal prosecutor’s office.

    Five Belgians, one Turk and one Bulgarian are accused of participating in the activities of a terrorist group.

    Five of them are also accused of preparation for terrorist crimes.

    This week, the police have carried out house searches in places such as Brussels and Antwerp.

    Eight people were then arrested, but one of them has been released.

  • Man seriously injured after house fire

    A heavy fire broke out in a villa in Sunne in Värmland on Wednesday evening.

    The alarm came in at 9:15 p.m. Both the emergency services and an ambulance went out.

    An elderly man was found by smoke divers and taken to hospital by ambulance, reports say P4 Värmland.

    His injuries are serious.

    The emergency services tell P4 that the house is completely damaged.

  • Man arrested for attempted murder at parking garage

    Two men got into an argument with each other in a parking garage on Nya torget in Norrköping on Wednesday evening.

    A sharp object must have been used.

    The police and ambulance rushed to the scene if they could arrest a man in his 30s.

    The other man, who is aged 35, had to be taken to hospital for a check-up. It is unclear how seriously injured he is.

    The incident is being investigated as attempted murder.

  • Man stabbed to death in Uppsala

    A man has died after a knife attack in Gottsunda in Uppsala.

    The police received the alarm at 18.38. The man was taken to hospital but his life could not be saved.

    Three men have been arrested and the police are investigating the incident as a murder.

    The police cannot answer whether the crime took place indoors or outdoors, but say that the man was found next to a residential building.

    They have a “proper effort” at the site.

    – It is an effort with plenty of resources. We have blocked off and will do a technical investigation with the ambition to secure findings.

    – We are hearing witnesses in this now and will carry out door knocking.

  • The Pope in hospital – has a respiratory infection

    The Pope was helped to get into his car on Wednesday. Photo: Alessandra Tarantino/AP/TT

    Pope Francis, 86, is in hospital.

    “The Holy Father has been at Gemelli (hospital) since this afternoon for some pre-planned checks,” reads a statement from the Vatican according to TT.

    After the statement came word that the Pope is canceling Thursday’s meetings.

    According to the AFP news agency, the Pope has suffered from a respiratory infection and will remain in the hospital for a few days.

    Francis also suffers from chronic knee pain. In recent months, he has had to use a wheelchair on several occasions.

  • Niinistö: Membership in NATO ready in a few days

    President of Finland Sauli Niinitsö. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

    Finland is only days away from membership in NATO, says the country’s president Sauli Niinistö, Ekot reports.

    He says that membership will be ready within the next few days and that he has a positive view of Swedish membership after the trip to Turkey.

  • Up on the Stockholm Stock Exchange

    The Stockholm stock exchange rose today, just like the leading European stock exchanges.

    The OMXS index rose 1.7 percent.

    Among the most traded shares in the OMXS30 index, the real estate company SBB was at the top, up 4.4 percent, and the engineering group Sandvik, up 3.4 percent.

    This is reported by TT.

    The big banks continued their recovery, after the recent turmoil in the sector with the following price falls. Nordea and SEB fared best, whose shares rose by 2.8 and 2.3 percent respectively.

    The FTSE100 index in London rose 1.1 percent, the DAX index in Frankfurt rose 1.2 percent and the CAC40 index in Paris rose 1.4 percent.

  • The garbage strike in Paris is called off

    Trashy sight on the streets of Paris. Photo: Thomas Padilla/AP

    For weeks, the piles of garbage have been growing on the sidewalks of Paris.

    But now the striking cleaning workers are going back to work, writes TT.

    The rubbish heaps have become a symbol of the French discontent with the law which means that the pension is raised from 62 to 64 years.

    However, the left-wing radical union says that it has not given up, but that it is ending the strike in order to coordinate with other groups and “go out on strike even stronger again”.

    While the strike has been called off, the number of people demonstrating has decreased, and some see this as the beginning of the end of the demonstrations against the pension law.

  • Ericsson tops are denied liability

    Ericsson’s CEO Börje Ekholm and most of the board are denied discharge at the general meeting, writes TT.

    The shareholders believe that there was insufficient information about the publicized bribery.

    – Almost exactly a year ago, we were promised more information. Since then we have been waiting, but the questions are still unanswered, said the interest organization’s general counsel Sverre Linton at Ericsson’s general meeting in Kista in northern Stockholm.

    After an episode of Uppdrag Granskning, Ericsson announced in mid-February 2022 that bribes may have been paid to the terrorist sect Islamic State (IS) in Iraq.

  • Heavy industrial fire – VMA issued

    There is a fire in a large industrial building in Vellinge.

    A VMA has been issued for the central parts of Vellinge.

    The smoke development is strong and moves in the direction of Asklunda and Eskilstorp.

    The rescue leader urges everyone in the area to go indoors and close doors, windows and ventilation.

    According to P4 Malmö house was a tractor that caught fire. The fire has since spread to the structure and roof.

  • Accidents and long queues after snow storms

    Many accidents have occurred in Mälardalen during the afternoon, reports Swedish Radio’s traffic department.

    Among other things on E18 between Västerås-Köping and E4 between Norrköping-Södertälje.

    Several major roads are blocked by heavy traffic that cannot climb the slopes.

    Until 3 p.m., SMHI had a yellow weather warning for heavy snowfall in the region.

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    Latest news

  • Hello! In the article about the unknown powders at the county administrations, you wrote that everything happened on Tuesday, but today is Wednesday.


    Thanks for pointing it out, sorry for the miss! Changed since a while.

  • Hi, why do you have to have locked articles that you have to pay for when it comes to things like Putin and the war, not everyone can afford that, but still want to be able to follow along a bit in case something serious happens, ps food and electricity are expensive now


    Hi Mikael! I understand that it feels frustrating. Most things are open and free on our site. Important news events related to the war are always free, but we our paying readers also need to get value for their money, so for them we do in-depth articles.

  • When should compensation for high electricity bills in Dec/Jan be paid out? It is completely silent on this.

    L. Hultberg

    If you mean round two of the electricity subsidy, Minister of Energy and Industry Ebba Busch (KD) has said that it will come later in the spring.

  • are there any statistics on how many have been sentenced to life imprisonment in recent years?

    Bo Lind

    Unfortunately, I can’t find any statistics on that.

    But according to statistics from the Prison Service, 189 people served a life sentence in Sweden in November 2022.

    It is the highest since 1989, when the Norwegian Prison and Probation Service started keeping such statistics.

  • “Swedes prepared to pause democracy” says the title but the article says “pause the economy”. Which is it?


    Hey Pavo! There was a mistake in the post, it should say “democracy” right through – not the economy. Now it’s arranged!

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