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Skandiabanken has operational disruptions

today at 14.08 Johanna Sundbeck

Skandiabanken has technical problems with its website, which means that some customers cannot log in, TT reports. The technical error occurred at 1:30 p.m.

– Currently we have technical problems with logging into the internet bank and the app. But payment by card and Swish works. We regret this and we are working to resolve this, says Jonatan Ohlin, press officer at Skandiabanken

How the problem arose is unclear. But according to Ohlin, the bank is working to identify the problem.

– We are working to solve the problem. We don’t have a forecast for when this might be resolved, but we’ve committed every resource to resolve this.

Latest news

  • China condemns Swedish demands: Discrimination

    Sweden’s decision to introduce a requirement for a negative covid test for travelers from China discriminates against Chinese citizens. The Chinese embassy writes this in an email to TT.

    “We understand that Sweden takes the necessary prevention and control measures, but we oppose measures that discriminate against specific groups,” writes embassy spokesperson Yan Zihao.

    The temporary requirement applies from Saturday and three weeks ahead. This includes adults and children over the age of twelve.

    Swedish citizens and EU citizens are exempt, as are persons with a residence permit in Sweden or permanent residence in the EU.

    The restrictions lack scientific support, writes Yan Zihao.

    “We firmly oppose these measures and ask the Swedish authorities to correct these incorrect measures,” concludes the spokesperson.

  • New snow warnings for Friday

    SMHI has issued several warnings for snow and wind in southern Sweden.

    There are yellow warnings for snow and wind for Västra Götaland, southern Värmland, Öland and southern Jämtlandsfjällen.

    A yellow warning for snowfall is in place for eastern Götaland and southern Örebro County.

  • Difficult to obtain medicine in Nagorno-Karabakh

    The blockade of the road between Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh enclave has created a humanitarian crisis.

    In an interview with Swedens radio says the head of government in Nagorno-Karabakh, Ruben Vardandyan, that, for example, it is difficult to obtain medicines, despite help from the Red Cross.

    – People cannot get to work, the schools and preschools are closed. Society and the economy are completely at a standstill, he says.

    The blockade has been in place since December 12. Armenia believes that Azerbaijan is behind it, while Azerbaijan denies this.

  • Erdogan calls on Putin for ceasefire in Ukraine

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has asked Vladimir Putin for a ceasefire in Ukraine, reports Reuters.

    He made the call in a phone call between the presidents.

    – President Erdogan said that demands for peace and negotiations should be supported by a unilateral ceasefire and a vision for a just solution, says a statement seen by Reuters.

  • A car has driven into the center barrier

    A motorist has driven into a median barrier on the E18 east of Kristinehamn.

    Police are on scene at the accident.

    There is some debris on the road and road users are asked to drive carefully in the area of ​​the accident.

  • Masked person robbed car at knifepoint

    The police were called to a grocery store in Sollentuna during the morning. There, a masked person with a knife had robbed a car and then driven away with it.

    The police have been looking for the perpetrator but neither the car nor the robber have been found.

    A preliminary investigation into the robbery has been launched.

  • Man charged – shook his infant to death

    Police technician on site at the suspected crime scene. Photo: Carolina Byrmo

    A man in Sörmland is charged today for shaking his infant to death.

    The father is charged with extremely serious assault and causing the death of another.

    The infant was found this summer with “very serious injuries”. Three days later, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that the child had died from his injuries.

    The father was arrested in connection with the incident and has been in custody since July.

  • Missing rapper found

    The American rap artist Theophilus London, who had been reported missing, has now been found, writes TT.

    “Theo” was reported missing on December 27 and was then said not to have been seen since October. Now his cousin confirms in a post on Instagram that he has been found and is doing well.

    Theophilus London has released several albums, the latest of which was in 2020, and he has also collaborated with artists such as Kanye West, writes TT.

    Police have not confirmed the information, according to the Los Angeles Times.

  • Eight family members found dead in the US

    Eight people belonging to the same family have been found dead in Utah, USA, TT reports.

    Five of them are children.

    The victims were found shot to death in their southern Utah home by police on a routine check, according to a statement from city officials.

    Police in the state have not released any further information about how it happened or about a possible motive.

  • Excavator and two cars in collision in Mora – five to hospital

    The police have been alerted to a traffic accident on road 70 in Mora municipality. According to initial information, two passenger cars have collided with an excavator, according to SOS Alarm.

    Four ambulances and a helicopter were called to the scene.

    – Six people are affected and five are taken to hospital, says Johan Gustafsson, team leader at SOS Alarm.

    The extent of the injuries to the people is unclear, but all are said to have been awake and able to speak.

    The cars have been recovered from the scene. The road has been closed, but traffic is expected to flow as usual shortly after 10 a.m.

  • Suspects for the Grimsta explosion written off

    Several windows have been shattered by the explosion in Grimsta. Photo: Aftonbladet

    The four people who were suspected of involvement in the blowing up of a gate in Grimsta have been dismissed from the investigation.

    – I can no longer tie them to the location, as the investigation showed initially, says Liselott Nilsson, prosecutor at the Västerort Prosecutor’s Chamber.

    The four were arrested and detained a few hours after the crime, but three of them were released earlier this week. During Wednesday, the fourth of them was also released.

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    Latest news

  • Hey!

    Did you miss that a man was shot in the head and survived in Malmö this morning?


    Hey! Here you can read about it.

  • Hello,

    Why doesn’t FHM come out with simpler recommendations, such as keep your distance, wear a mask in crowded environments, now that there are so many different viruses. Should be obvious, but not something you see “in town”?

    Dennis Thorberg

    They have some recommendations, here can you see the ones that relate to covid.

    Apart from vaccination, they are quite general and should work to prevent the spread of other infections as well…

  • Good evening!

    Why do only some people with grills on their helmets play on JVM?


    Hi Vicky!

    My colleague Christoffer Glader at Sportbladet answers: “If you are under 18, the rules are that you must play with a grid.”

  • How is the wolf hunt going in Värmland?

    Peter Söderberg

    Hello Peter,

    According to P4 Värmland, 29 wolves remain out of the allocation of 42 animals in the Värmland region.

  • Hello

    Why is there no comment or questions, as of today. ? All are from yesterday. Thanks

    christi dan


    We’ve been busy here today, especially the last few hours with the shooting in Jordbro. But now we’re going to spend some time here for a while!

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