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C leader’s government attack: Cheap copy of the Social Democrats

today at 08.41 Anna Sjögren

The Center Party’s new leader, Muharrem Demirok, launches a fierce attack on the government, which he believes is leading Sweden towards increased unemployment.

– We have a government that is trying to tame the Social Democrats. Or as my children would say: They are a Wish copy of the Social Democrats. You ordered something but got something completely different in the package that came home, he says in an interview with GP.

As an example, he mentions that the employer’s fee for young people is raised on 1 April and makes it SEK 3,000 more expensive to hire a young person. The tightened rules around labor immigration will also hit many entrepreneurs hard, he says.

Latest news

  • Robber threatened car

    An unknown perpetrator threatened a car in Sigtuna during Sunday evening.

    According to the police, the victim had parked the car and was unloading it when the perpetrator approached with a gun-like object and threatened to take the car.

    The victim was not physically injured in connection with the robbery.

    A preliminary investigation into aggravated robbery has been launched.

  • General strike underway in Germany: Paralyzed

    As expected, large parts of Germany stand still during Monday morning, German media reports.

    The central station in Stuttgart is open, but completely empty of both trains and people, reports Welt magazine.

    At the airport in Hamburg, all 147 departures have been cancelled. The airports in Düsseldorf and Cologne/Bonn are reportedly paralyzed.

    “Everything is closed here. It is now an ecological airport,” says a union representative at Cologne/Bonn airport.

    50 demonstrations are expected to take place across the country today.

  • Elon Musk: Twitter has halved in value

    Twitter’s owner Elon Musk has written down the value of the company to less than half of what he bought it for.

    This appears in an internal email that was sent to the company’s employees and that the American media took note of, reports TT.

    According to the email, Musk values ​​Twitter at $20 billion – after buying the company for $44 billion.

    Musk describes in the email that Twitter had major financial problems and that the company was close to bankruptcy for a while.

  • Suspects request closed doors in Tovefallet

    The Tovefallet trial begins today.

    The two suspected women, aged 18 and 20, are now requesting closed doors, reports SVT Jönköping.

    The lawyers refer, among other things, to a rule where the court has the opportunity to decide on closed doors for defendants under the age of 21.

    The 18-year-old’s defender, Mikael Svegfors, also does not want the media to be allowed to record audio from the interrogation of his client.

    The plaintiff’s attorney, who represents Tove’s relatives, does not want closed doors.

  • Author Stewe Claeson dead

    Author and translator Stewe Claeson has died at the age of 80.

    The death notice is confirmed by Claeson’s family, reports Sweden’s Radio’s Kulturnytt.

    Claeson was born in Gothenburg in 1942 and debuted in 1969 with the poetry collection “Semantica, op 18”. Since then, he has published several novels and collections of short stories.

    Claeson was awarded several prizes for his writing, including Svenska Dagbladet’s literature prize and the Selma Lagerlöf prize.

  • Alecta has sold holdings in First Republic Bank

    Pension fund Alecta has sold its entire holding in crisis-hit First Republic Bank, reports SR Ekot.

    The sale was made at a loss of SEK 7.5 billion.

    “The uncertainty about the bank’s future was too great, partly because the bank’s credit rating had just been downgraded to junk status,” writes Alecta’s CEO Magnus Billing to Bloomberg.

  • Silicon Valley bank is bought up

    First Citizens Bank buys Silicon Valley Bank.

    That’s what the US government company FDIC, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, says.

    According to ABC News, the bank will buy assets equivalent to SEK 72 billion from the collapsed bank.

  • More Swedes die from oxycodone overdoses

    The synthetic opiod oxycodone is estimated to have contributed to around a hundred deaths in 2021. This is shown by the Swedish Medical Examiner’s Office’s figures, reports the P1 program Kaliber.

    The narcotic drug is used for severe pain in, among other things, cancer patients, and prescriptions have increased significantly in recent years.

    Last year, 360,000 Swedes received the drug on prescription.

  • Explosion at the gate to an apartment building in Arlöv

    A gate to an apartment building has been smashed as a result of an explosion, reports say South Sweden.

    The police were alerted to the incident shortly before 03:00 on the night of Monday.

    No one was injured in connection with the incident.

  • Train and passenger car in collision near Kumla – one person dead

    The police were alerted to a serious traffic accident near Kumla at 02.25 on the night of Monday.

    A goods train and a passenger car have collided at a railway crossing.

    A man in his 80s was injured in the accident and died as a result of his injuries.

    Relatives have been notified.

    – One person in the car was seriously injured, but the train driver is said to have coped quite well. We are currently investigating the incident, says Mathilda Borgström, duty officer at the Bergslagen police region.

  • SMHI warns of heavy snowfall

    The warning applies here. Photo: SMHI

    A heavy snowstorm moving in from the southeast is expected to cause problems in car and public transport on Monday.

    SMHI has issued a yellow warning in northeastern Södermanland County, Stockholm County, Uppsala County and southeastern Gävleborg County.

    It comes into effect at 12 noon on Monday and is valid until 2 pm on Tuesday.

    According to SMHI, 5-15 centimeters of snow may fall, locally around 20 centimeters. It is combined with a fresh northerly wind of 7-12 meters per second.

    Read more in Aftonbladet’s article.

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    Latest news

  • Is the trial in Eksjö open to the public?

    Malin Ländin

    Hi Malin! The lawyers of the two suspected women have requested closed doors. At this point we don’t know if the court will decide on it or if it will be open, we will update you readers as soon as we get word!

  • Will you be at the trial where 2 are charged with the murder of Tove


    Hi Lennart! We will not be at the trial on the day but we will report from it as things happen. However, we will have a reporter there on Wednesday when the two women are to be heard.

  • Units still mean vehicles AND crew. Otherwise, they would have said vehicles, which would be useless to deliver to an accident scene without a crew.


    Thanks for the clarification! I am also changing the answer below. That’s what I meant, but was a little unclear. 🙂

  • When you write: the rescue service has sent 8 units, what do you mean? Are they people or vehicles?

    Why don’t you write what it is

    Henrik Lindvall

    Hello! By units is meant the number of vehicles, which also includes personnel.

  • did Aftonbladet miss that Frölunda crushed Ferjestad yesterday ?????????

    Bengt Andersson

    We certainly haven’t missed that! Here you can read everything about the match!

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