Karamelodikt scholarship to Orup: “It was about time”

This year, it was the singer Thomas “Orup” Eriksson who hid under the traditionally polka-dotted curtain at the awarding of Povel Ramel’s Karamelodikt scholarship. – I am proud and flattered and somewhat surprised. But it was about time, says Orup. The Karamelodikt scholarship has been awarded since 1983 and is given to an “innovator of the Swedish language” or for outstanding deeds in music. This year’s scholarship was awarded by Povel’s children, Lotta and Mikael Ramel, and the justification reads: “Because he, as an outstanding songwriter, has successfully conveyed a swinging original sound through a variety of inventive songs. In 1987 he asked if we were ready, after that he would rather be chased by wolves through many hits”. Donate the prize money – Povel was incredibly talented. Both as a pianist and songwriter and as a lyricist, he was unique. He has definitely had a small influence on my lyrics, says Orup. The scholarship consists of a diploma, a caramel cone and a sum of money large enough to make the winner “financially independent for the rest of the day”. – Maybe it’s only 10 kroner, but if it’s small, I was actually thinking of giving it to Stockholm’s Stuttering Association, says Orup.