José Luis Chilavert changed the world of football – hold on as you see what the goalkeeping icon is doing today: ‘Proud’

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Do you remember José Luis Chilavert?
It was the goalkeeper who scored a total of 67 goals in his career, including eight for the Paraguayan national team.
Did we say he was a goalkeeper?

Yes, very true. The iconic Paraguayan goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert, 57, actually scored a total of 67 goals in his career, despite acting as the last outpost throughout his football career. As a goalkeeper, he was known to be quick and agile, and with his strong leadership, he led his teams. We will return to precisely that leadership.

Goal king Chilavert

In addition to his skills in his own penalty area, Chilavert also had offensive qualities. Not least in fixed situations. He was a great free kick specialist, and often took penalties. Among other things, he scored four goals for Paraguay during the qualifiers for the World Cup in Japan and South Korea in 2022.

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Paraguayan goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert, playing for Argentina’s Velez Sarfield, cheers to fans during a match against Venezuela’s Maracaibo in their first round Copa Libertadores soccer game in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tuesday, Feb.10, 2004. (AP Photo/ Natacha Pisarenko)

The career ended completely in 2004. But now the career seems to be on the rise again, although in something completely different from football. Chilavert has announced that he intends to stand in the presidential election in his native Paraguay in 2023, and the fact is that already during his active years there were jokes that his leadership would be a perfect fit to become president. He has also shown an interest in politics for many years.
“Proud to be Paraguayan” reads the text on Chilavert’s election poster.

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“Enough with impunity, enough with corruption and enough with plundering the Paraguayan people,” the former star goalkeeper previously wrote on Twitter.

The new career

On Jose Luis Chilavert’s own website, he is clear about what he wants to achieve with the country in the event that he becomes the country’s new president after the election.
“The love we have for our country will give us enough strength to implement the changes we want, for the good of all citizens. There will be difficulties, but with the help of José Luis Chilavert, we will be able to make an impression on the new history of our beloved Paraguay,” they write, among other things.

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PHOTO: Screenshot/Instagram

The election takes place on April 30 later in the spring, and it remains to be seen whether the celebrated goalkeeper has made enough of an impression on the people to become the country’s new president.

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