In China, the electric car is already more popular than the petrol car – watch the video from the Beijing Auto Fair | Foreign countries

In China the electric car is already more popular than

China’s boom is increasing the demand for electric and hybrid cars worldwide.

BEIJING Sales of electric cars continue to grow rapidly in China.

This year’s sales forecasts were confirmed at the Beijing International Auto Show. According to them, sales of ten million new electric cars are expected in China during 2024.

Sales have increased strongly in recent years. If the target is reached in China, it means that already 45 percent of the new cars sold in the country would be electric cars. If the pace continues at the same rate, sales of electric cars will overtake gasoline cars next year.

At the same time, China’s demand raises sales forecasts all over the world. Despite a slight decline in sales in Europe and the United States, sales of new electric cars are expected to reach 17 million worldwide this year.

Prices are affordable

The prices of the most popular brands in China, such as BYD, XPeng and Xiaomi, are significantly lower than in Europe, according to one expert estimate, about half of the European prices.

They are not considered as high quality as the best European electric cars, but the quality has increased in recent years.

The gentleman who was looking for a new car at the fair Huh said that he would change his current gas station to a new electric car. They are not only inexpensive and environmentally friendly, but also easy to use in China.

The network of charging points now extends all over the country.

– The selection of cars is increasing and there are charging points everywhere, so the choice between an electric and gasoline car is easy for me, says Hu.