Italgas, CEO Paolo Gallo at the UN Private Sector Forum

Italgas CEO Paolo Gallo at the UN Private Sector Forum

(Finance) – The CEO of Italgas, Paolo Galloparticipates today in New York at the “Private Sector Forum”, the annual event organized by the United Nations Global Compact on the first day of the UN High Level General Assembly, in conjunction with the 2023 SDG Summit.

The works, organized with the aim of encouraging comparison between private companies, are concentrated on the most effective methods of public-private collaboration to accelerate the achievement of the targets of the 2030 Agenda and on how investments can release the important contributions of private companies for the achievement of the SDGs.

The Forum also encourages participating companies to accelerate the achievement of the targets set in the five systemic areas such as gender equality, climate and water actions, sustainable finance, living wages.

“An important moment of in-depth analysis and reflection – commented Italgas CEO Paolo Gallo – and an opportunity to measure the degree of maturation of the policies implemented by Italgas regarding the SDGs which in recent years have allowed us to achieve results significant in terms of reducing climate-changing emissions, energy efficiency and gender equality. These comparisons confirm the importance of the work carried out and the validity of the path we have undertaken to continue contributing to the objective of a net zero economy and the creation of a better world”.